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Messages posted by: Masterbo
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I agree with this!!!
All H Grade Player must do the same!
Admin wrote:Players can sell their old items and buy new ones.
The TQ Drinks and food are for help new players. And Players must donate the TQ Drinks. That is important!
I would find it good if players can donate your TQ drinks and food on the country. The country (President) can then pass these cheap drinks and food to the people to promote their own.

- Players can be promoted
- The country gets money

- Company no longer sell as many drinks TQ

I think that this is very useful for some players to specifically promote. Furthermore, players must first be willing to donate your TQ drinks and food.

But it is important that only the President can not sell this TQ drinks and food from the country store.
Aran wrote:Masterbo I meant you pay no taxes and no other fees if you INSERT product from your inventory. For imported products you would pay no taxes in country you sell product. Import tax can be lowered to 0 if you want imported products cheap. But imported product should never be cheaper than product made inside country - and it would be possible with your proposal - lower sale tax for trade company and government law of no import tax. Documents cost are very low if you make high quantity transaction.

Aran your post show me, that u have no trade company.

Fist: You can only insert Materials, which u have from Aliens or you had buy from market with taxes! And you can only insert, when u have the citizienship from the country.
Second: Trade companies must paid twice taxes (Sale taxes and Import/Export Taxes), the other Trade must do this same. When sale taxes and import taxes are both 10%, so must 1 trade buy 20% taxes adn the second trade other 20%. A Trade cost 40%. I think that is to much.
Third: Why should a trade company not sell the products cheaper than market. When trade can sell cheaper than make the other companies something wrong! And with the new suggestion is the Import/Export Tax maximal double from the sale taxes in the country.

My suggestion is good for players, for tradecompanies and for the game. I think for all!
delet this Post. I change the first!
Aran my logistical Cost are the documents that are expensive for low amounts.
I think that the Präsident caN decide, if the Land want more Import or Export. When a Trade do Not Pay the Buy taxes, than are the products cheaper and the Trade can more Export. That is Good for the countries, because they get more Gold.

And the Stuff is Not cheap because the trades must Pay more Import and Export taxes.

Maybe, a New Suggestion is that the Trade Must Pay a Lower taxes. The Präsident can make a Lower Sale taxes for Trade. For example trades Must only Pay 25% from the sale taxes!!! I think this is better!
I think, that suggestion is closed!
Hi Aran,
I think that is not good to increase the drop chance.
The drop chance is OK, because when the drop chance increase there are to much materials on market. That is bad for the game and the player, because the materials cost all 0.01 + taxes.

When u fight against higher Aliens u get more XP that is good.
One can think that players kill the aliens get Level H 0.0001 PP Attack. Get to level G 0.0002PP Aliens Attack. I think that is good and enough.

But I'll give you right, that has to change with the weapons. There currently riffle keyMaterial enough for shotguns, and sniper. I think, did the drop rate for this Keymats must decrease. Or it must give mini-games, where the player can only fight with the special weapon. With such a mini-game, the player can win money or gifts that way. Free mini games entering and if you are lucky you win something too.

In the future, you can also make national competitions here. The first three countries to get cash for your gold then, or so.

I think that you can find some in the future, like the special weapons can also be used.

The game is really great and when it is further developed so well, it has real potential!
Masterbo wrote:Hi,
It would be good if there would be a setting in the country settings, where you can free the Tradecomapnies of the Sale Taxes. Otherwise Trade Company must pay taxes twice. Purchase of the product and export tax or import duty and sales of the product.

This could revive the trade companies in addition again.

That is the new Suggestion:
The new Suggestion is that the Trade must Pay a lower sale taxes of the Products. The Präsident can make a setting, which he allows that Tradcompanies must sale for Example 50% from the sale taxes.

And a new suggestion is, that import and export taxes is linked to the sales taxes. For example: The Import and Export Taxes must not exceed the double of the usual sales tax. This has the effect that there are no overpriced import or export taxes and the president are now instructed to do your job well and to tax all products fairly. Does the game very well.

Example with currency XYZ:
For 1 gold I get 100XYZ. Now, if the sale Taxes 10XYZ, then the export and import control only 20XYZ may therefore be 0.2 gold.

Blueprints for example houses, weapons and transport is expensive. When i buy 1 Blueprint i can not make the produkt ready. It is better, when i can buy 1,1 pieces of blueprints. So i can make one product ready!
1 Another step to make the game even more attractive are, if necessary, introduce mini-games. Here, the player has a chance to win a little gold. These gains must be taxed. Maybe some kind of casino.

2 It could also be a competition where the player riffle with the weapons, shotgun or sniper can play. Here one might against other players for example Mini shoot any aliens. You must also meet targets and this and only then you get points. The player can participate once or twice a day on the day. He has for example 10-15 shots and can then make points. To participate in the game, he must pay a fee and have the corresponding weapon. Who after a week has the most points (these are added every day) has won and gets an example Cash prize. Here again, the Personal Income Tax is paid.
Yes, that is a good suggestion. I need this in Clothes Company.
Hallo Neuer Spieler und ein herzliches Willkommen in Deutschland,

um hier erfolgreich zu sein, solltest du ganz kurz die Beschreibung einmal durchlesen. Ich beschreibe ich, wie man hier am Besten starten kann.

Der Fightbonus liegt derzeit bei 5 DEM und da du Prestige von 45 hast bekommst du auch nur 2,25 DEM ausgezahlt.

Du musst schnell auf 70 Prestige Punkte kommen, dann dann erhöht sich der Fightbonus auf 3.5 DEM.

Wie gehe ich vor:
1. Wenn du vor 15 Uhr das Spiel anfängst, dann kaufst du dir ein Prestige Drink I, ein Prestige Food I und ein Special Item "Golf Club Ticket I".
2. Kosten für diese Produkte Prestige Drink I = 4.5DEM, Prestige Food I = 4,5DEM und Special Item 14,81 DEM.Zusammen macht das 23,81 DEM. Das sind dann 10,58 Fights gegen Aliens Level 1.
3. Ab 15 Uhr wird das SpecialItem automatisch aufgebraucht, sofern du vorher ein Prestige Food und ein Drink zu dir genommen hast.
Nach dem Kauf über Market, geht Ihr auf Possessions -> Inventory -> Food. Hier klickt Ihr auf euer Prestige Drink oder Food und wählt dann unten "Eat now" or "Drink Now".
4. Ab 15 Uhr wird das Special Item benutzt oder nach 15 Uhr gehst du wie im Punkt 3 beschrieben vor und wählst dann das Special Item aus.
5. Danach kauft Ihr immer 2 Prestige Drinks und Food für ein Tag und immer ein Special Item. Damit bleibt Euer Prestige bei 70!

Wichtig für das weitere Spiel ist, dass Ihr probiert mehr als 20 mal am Tag zu fighten. Es ist am Anfang mühselig, aber später wird es einfacher. Wenn Ihr das macht, dann habt Ihr immer genug Geld für Waffen und Kleidung!

Schaut euch auch bitte diese Excel Tabelle an. Hier könnt Ihr Eure Werte eingeben! Fight with Aliens

Zurück zur Startseite

Hello New players and a warm welcome in Germany,

order to be successful here, you should give a brief description once read. I, I describe how you can best start here.

The Fight Bonus is currently at 5 DEM and prestige since you have 45 you get only 2.25 THE disbursed.

You have to quickly get to 70 prestige points, then then the Fight bonus increased to 3.5 DEM.

What do I do:
1 When you start the game clock found 15, then you buy a drink I prestige, a prestige food I and a special item "Golf Club ticket I".
2 Costs for these products prestige drink I = 4.5DEM, prestige food I = 4.5 DEM and Special Item 14.81 23.81 DEM.Zusammen makes the DEM. These are then fights against aliens 10.58 Level 1
3 From 15 SpecialItem the clock will run out automatically if you have previously taken a prestige food and drink to you.
After buying on market, your going to Possessions -> Inventory -> food. Here you can click on your Prestige drink or food down and then selects "Eat Now" or "drink now".
4 From 15 clock, the special item is used or after 15 clock you go as described in point 3 before and then choose from the special item.
5 Then you buy more prestige 2 drinks and food for one day and getting a special item. Thus, your prestige is at 70!

Is important for the further game that you tried more than 20 times to fighten day. It is tedious at first, but later it will be easier. If you do that, then you've always enough money for weapons and clothing!Fight with Aliens

Back to Startsite
Thuru wrote:I agree with you that a country must also make money. But i stay in my opinion that taking money from gamefunds is unwanted. Maybe it can be paid from another way, example that poeple who want start a war example pay some money and that the winners get some income from it or whatever. I dont know. But any idea whare take money from gamefunds, meh..

I agree with you that 'not all the Game Fund is used. Otherwise it is a second Anno. But if you take 25% and the gold distributed in the country, then it is OK. The other 75% will continue to be distributed.

Later you can integrate other features with!
Thuru wrote:Very bad idea to let pay it from gamefund. I can agree with it if it get be paid from country budget.
We dont need to be a second anno, what pay his costs from gamefund.

Hello Thuru,
I've been waiting for a post from you on that. I appreciate you very much, but you've probably read only game fund and not the entire post, which is very bad.

The countries have no chance here in the game if it is not an option as the countries also make money. I do not know how you imagine it. You can do anything, first if all countries are bankrupt and the players no longer play the game, because you realize that you can not earn anything anyway with your game 15500 shares.

Anno is not broke down because of the Game Fund but, because there was no merit in rows and have the player leave the game.

The game can only survive if the players feel that they can win something here.
This can happen only if the countries can also earn money. Early particular way how countries can make money trading is (Is not because all countries have high import customs tax) to invest, and to print money. Who invests in a game where you can see that the countries have less money and soon be able to pay a bonus.
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