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Messages posted by: TheOnlyKazm
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Yes; I also agree.

GBISCM - United Kingdoms, London - 49% - 0.7229 Euro a piece.
I need to get rid of 1,500 qty Iron.

It currently resides in United Kingdoms, you would be better off moving it to a developing country. Price is 1.25 GBP / Ea as long as you take over 500.

Please post here or PM if interested.
I think we are experiencing "wage wars" due to excessive workplaces not companies. My Iron Steel Co has eight workplaces simply because I'm the main producer of Iron & Steel in United Kingdoms. I will lower my wages from 6.5 and try to work something out. We need to lower wages quickly otherwise I think we will be paying in excess of 8GBP per hour very shortly.
Please Note: There will be likely change coming after the april budget, this is just before then.

Proposal: I propose that we set a wage limit in forced by major companies to a maximum of 6.5GBP / Hour. With a wage restriction of 6.5GBP per hour we are guaranteed to be able to make all products with side profit, thus keeping prices down and consumers happy. Without a wage restriction there will be heavy battles between major companies and thus will raise the price of goods.

Employees earning more money = Increase in goods prices.
Employees on restricted wages = Steady goods prices, fair wage for fair work.

I am not proposing we set a law or enforce such a thing, however I suggest we all accept this and enforce it among ourselves. I propose the major companies listed below accept this wage restriction.


Iron Steel Co - TheOnlyKazm
Farmers Union - Andoversr
Valinorean Petroleum - Netvalar
Valinorean Machinist - Netvalar
UK Meat l Leather Company - TheOnlyKazm
London Iron and Steel Industries - Karlonia

Please suggest more major companies you think should agree

House of Common Members Allowed to Participate:

Andover: Discuss and Vote x1
Lancelor: Discuss and Vote x1
Karlonia: Discuss and Vote x1
Morgan: 12 Discuss only
Netvalar: Discuss and Vote x1
TheOnlyKazm: Discuss and Vote x1

Total Vote power: 5
Needed for passage: 3
UK Meat l Leather Company - TheOnlyKazm - Supplying leather only.

Still Available
Yes I agree, unsure where to vote though.

So, where did the money come from to buy your sellers license?

London pays you 1GBP per fight you win, I won twenty fights.

What is the point of only fighting non aggressive L1 opponents?

What your doing now doesn't seem to be working, so why not?

Where are the food and drink producers that will undercut the game price?

The game is still very new, companies are still being developed.

I cannot afford to buy anything. No CP, No HP, looks like working once every 24 hours for the next..........6 months so I can afford to fight again!

^ The exact reason you fight level 1 aliens, you never loose cp or hp. Maybe the admin will be kind enough to refresh it for you.
I guess you are at a stage where you must continue to work until you can afford it.

Or as an alternative you can ask the admin to transfer my 20 food and 30 drinks to you, and link him to this thread as me giving permission.
Okay Guys,

I'm going to be pretty straight forward; you're doing it wrong.

Continue to fight Desert Hunters and receive:
- Iron
- TQ Food & Drink

Just from fighting Desert Hunters I have:
- Iron (Not sure of amount I've sold alot)
- 22 TQ War Food

The current price of war food in the marketplace (London, UK) is 282GBP by marketplace default.

I suggest you:
- Buy an Iron selling License

From there you can undercut the cheapest Iron by 0.01 local currency and make back money, with that money you can invest in companies, merchanting etc.
Immigrants will have the power to open businesses right? I think the detriment to our country will be incredibly high if we have people coming from a country with a stronger dollar currency. They will have the ability to come to the United Kingdoms and potentially screw with the marketplace we are working on.

To fix this I suggest a higher fee, however this is also a problem because normal citizens (not high class "business men") may not be able to afford to come in to the country. I'm not sure which I'd like to vote for, however is a 3 - 4 gold per person really worth the potential gold (loss) that may occur if one of the immigrants messes up the market.
I'll be looking for a steel machine in UK for arround the qouted price. If you can rush it (a few days) I will be willing to pay additional Euro / Gold.
Netvalar wrote:
Andoversr wrote:I agree there should be a max wage, however I feel this should be delayed until AFTER the April budget is implemented by the government due to the strong likelyhood of the Minimum wage being altered if the current language of the proposal remains when passed.

For now until the government is shown to be working well I think business discussions such as pricing and wages should be handled by a Chamber of Commerce (basically the business owners coming to mutual agreements without interference by government proposals).

This isn't to say that later down the road the governement shouldn't pass such proposals as wage control, etc. we just aren't ready for that yet. Our economy needs to become more active and that usually requires more freedom for companies to make decisions on a day to day basis. Example my machine companies needs workers badly so I raised half of my workplaces wages for the day and will bring them back down tomorrow.

I agree to the above post qouted, this guideline does not need to be set in stone (law) rather a mutual agreement to work towards a better United Kingdom.
dubois wrote:is that a trade or a iron company/?

Iron. It is up to the purchasee to move the product.
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