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Messages posted by: Masterbo
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I think u schould plan before u put all your steel into the weapon company.
I think u can open a trade and than u can sell 10 steel to weapon and the other things to transport!

there should be a setting, how much prestige from the Work Bonus paid. I think that the president would only reward those who have worked for 5 days and also support the economy.
Who goes to work with only 20 Prestige, makes the economy in the country broke!

Another possibility is to specify a setting that entrepreneurs only people able to work, who have more than X prestige. Who has not this minimum can not go to work!

I hope the admin is gracious and reward the people who make some good suggestions. I think that people should be rewarded akive times. The only way the game can be further developed and the involvement be kept high.
If there are 2 players for a fight, then a window will appear for 15-20 seconds at each player. Here, the player can then select his weapon and armor, if he wants to use this in battle!

Now, if both players has pressed the Attack button, the battle begins.
If one does not have pressed the button, then the fight for the player with the physical button is started.

After the Fight appears with two back the same window and you now have the option to change in the next 15-20 seconds your weapons and armor and zustätzlich you can take a maximum of one drink or food to him.

I think that then fight the arena is fair because it does not depend on the Internet speed. But one has thereby tactics completely different possibilities and then it makes a lot of fun!

Furthermore, one should TrapNets also be used for the arena.

If both players have died after the fight, then there is a tie, then 0.5 points.

I think that this is a very good extension.

Whether or Warmodul Arena Fighst should not win the players who have fast internet connections, but the players who have the best tactics!
Hi ,
so I give Aran right.

Arena is used currently only for H grade , because there is simply no incentive .
The player loses only and there is not really an incentive.

That is, firstly , that in each country is an arena . It would be better if there is an arena for all countries.
Second, there is no right incentive to make the 5 fights in the arena. Although you win 50 % of the paid money but if you are not among the first three, you get nothing .

Arena should completely rethink , either it's just for the grade advancement, then you have to do anything.

Should arena for the game , see Gweichtung , then you should build it differently.

For the fights should get points. At certain points you will then rise to a rank and you will thus eg stronger. Alternatively, one then gets X Arena PP .
This would present more of an incentive .

Maybe you can also get medals that you can then eintuauschen . And here you can get Game products. For example, 40 % 5 * TQ Food G and so on.

So here's what you can build beautiful and not as it is so far.

But one could also include the times and users with time to ask what you want. Because the game can only survive if the players are integrated with and not only be considered as a money player .

Furthermore, one should consider times that players are rewarded for good suggestions !

i think it is a good idea, when the goverment have a setting, which he can give H Grade Player X% more money by fightbonus!
I think that is a good idea that change more people to H Grade!
The deal is now closed. I had get today my materials!
Yes that is very good!
Yes that are very nice ideas and i agree with 1 and 2.

But 3 have i a other idea!

3) Material infrastructure - mines, farms, plants depending on resource. Each level would increase amount of resources and aliens available in country every month.
Available materials could even depend only on those buildings level - more active citizens could mantain more buildings.

Later u can buy upgrades your companies and have benefit of producing.
U must buying License for 30 or 60 or 90 days (I do not know the price)

For example
Upgrade Level 1 : Cost 0.5€ (Material for Raw Company produce 5% more materials and Product- or Advanced Material Company need 5% lower Materials)
Upgrade Level 2 : Cost 0.4€ (Material for Raw Company produce 10% more materials and Product- or Advanced Material Company need 10% lower Materials)
Upgrade Level 3 : Cost 0.3€ (Material for Raw Company produce 17% more materials and Product- or Advanced Material Company need 17% lower Materials)
Upgrade Level 4 : Cost 0.2€ (Material for Raw Company produce 25% more materials and Product- or Advanced Material Company need 25% lower Materials)
Upgrade Level 5 : Cost 0.1€ (Material for Raw Company produce 35% more materials and Product- or Advanced Material Company need 35% lower Materials)

Whan Player buy all Level 5 Updates he must pay 0.5+0+4+0.3+0.2+0.1=1.50€
The benfits are maximal 35%

I Think that is a better idea!
The values must the admin calculate but the idea is good!
There are only 2 options, either can all see the local chat or only the members that belong to the country!

Anything else would be pointless!
Here is a vote of GB user would be interesting!
Yes i agree wih Thuru.
We should wait for the first informations of the war modul.
I hope the admin team give us soon information and do not implemented the war modul tomorrow.
I think it is better all GB Players to inform, before the war modul comes!

I think 2 weeks before start is enough!

When than the war modul works, than we can discuss over new things in War!

Admin can u open a post with war module information? That post can u closed adn we can discuss in a other post!
In Goldenbattlles.com kann man sich auch zum Kämpfer bilden lassen. Angeblich soll das Warmodul, was in den nächsten 2-3 Monaten kommen soll, sehr profitabel für die Kämpfer sein.

Wie gehe ich nun vor, um Kämpfer zu werden?

1. Stärker werden durch Levelaufstiege.
Also alle Spieler in Deutschland, sollten versuchen Prestige 70 oder höher zu erlangen und vorallem viel Kämpfen. Pro Stunde erhöht sich das Stamina 3 mal und somit kann man am Tag 72 Kämpfe durchführen. Hiervon muss man noch für das Arbeiten einige abziehen, aber 40 bis 50 kämpfe sollte man hinbekommen. Ich mache das teilweise in der Bahn mit dem Smartphone.
Wer schnell Level aufsteigen will, sollte entweder bei den Events mitmachen oder sich die Waffen Riffle, Shotgun oder Sniper holen und gegen die Aliens Level 8-10 kämpfen. Hier bekommt man 8 bis 10 XP und man levelt schneller auf!

PS: Ich weiß, dass am Anfang sehr viel Zeit draufgeht, weil man sehr oft kämpfen muss. Wenn man nachher Level 15 erreicht hat, braucht man nur noch 2-3 mal am Tag oder alle 6 Stunden sich einloggen und die 19 Kämpfe durchführen. Im höchsten H Grade Level nur noch 2 am Tag und alle 11,5h. Also Ihr seht, dass es von der Zeit her besser wird!

2. Stärker werden mit Practise Points.
Practise Points ist eine sehr schöne Sache, denn diese erhöhen euren Schaden um die gesammelten Punkte. Sollte ein Alien ingesamt 200 HP und PDEF von 50 haben, dann könnt Ihr mit Practise Points von 250 bis auf Stamina 1 gegen diese Aliens kämpfen. Also wirklich gut, aber auch dies kostet etwas.

Wie funktioniert Practise Points:
Ihr findet Practise Points unter dem Fight Menä in dem Punkt Practise. Ihr könnt jeden Tag so lange schießen, bis Ihr einen erfolgreichen Schuss abgeben habt. Damit ist das Training beendet und Ihr könnt erst am nächsten Tag wieder trainieren. Bei einem erfolgreichen Schuss bekommt Ihr beim ersten Mal 0.1 Punkte. Am zweiten Tag dann 0.2 und somit habt Ihr schon 0.3 Punkte gesammelt. Am dritten Tag 0.3 und smoit habt Ihr schon 0.6 Punkte. Naja, am Anfang ist es nicht viel, aber wenn Ihr dann 20 oder 30 Punkte bekommt ist das ne Menge!
Nachteil: Wenn Ihr mal Practise nicht mehr macht, werden euch die Punkte auch wieder abgezogen. z.b. am vierten Tag kämpfte ihr nicht, dann werden euch am 5ten Tag 0.3 Punkte wieder abgezogen und so weiter. Also, wenn Ihr Practise macht, dann aber auch jeden Tag!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ein weiterer Nachteil ist, dass Ihr euch beim Training auch mal verletzen könnt und dafür braucht Ihr Warfood. Also schön sammeln.

Für Practise eignet sich das Sniper Gewehr und ihr solltet nahc dem erscheinen des Schussbutton immer so 3-5 Sekunden warten. Ich habe so gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Im Durchschnitt braucht ihr 3-7 Schuss pro Tag.
Weiterhin solltet Ihr euer HP nicht gleich wieder voll aufladen, da Ihr bei Verletzungen immer nur % HP abgezogen bekommt und je weniger HP Ihr habt, desto weniger wird abgezogen Aber schaut, dass Ihr so stark seid, dass Ihr eure Aliens besiegen könnt!

3. Stärker werden durch Grade Aufstiege.
Wenn Ihr das Level 15 erreicht habt und dann auch noch Practise Points gesammelt habt, solltet Ihr den H Grade erreichen.
Bitte schaut Hier in das Tutorial! http://forum.goldenbattles.com/forum/posts/list/205.page#573
I spoke wit the admin and i schould write this here.

I sell today a sniper LQ for 40 ron to player St0n3Bridg3 and he give me between 3-5.01.2014 his Materials.
Cotton, iron, wood, and Keymaterial.

Agreement is between
Masterbo and St0n3Bridg3
Gebik wrote:Nice, 3 months before and few countries are dividing the world...

I cant wait who will take czech republic at first. I hope that admin will atleast somehow defend countries where arent people. or it will end as in Anno, that few players owns everything, ie. Generalwoo...

After implementing this module, I think this game will end for people in unpopulated countries, as for example Czech Republic!

I hope admin will reply to my post here!

Hi ,
what Gebik says is not entirely wrong ! So far the game is great fun , but if size really players / fighters then come to invest a lot just to have everything , the game is very boring ! All countries are dependent on the resources from all the cities , as otherwise no products can be produced . Unfortunately, I do not know the Warmodul , but I have in mind here as an idea before :

For example, each country could also get new cities. Furthermore, each country can block 4-5 cities. This block can only make the president and costs for a month for example 0.5 Gold or like that. Maybe it is free!

Against the new towns and the remaining free cities you can go to war !

This would be a nice idea . Thus, each country can still continue to produce the necessary 4-5 in the cities and the remaining material could then trade !

Furthermore, one can only lead war when one possesses Armor !

Germany hereby seeks allies ! If you are interested PM me !
I think this suggestion can closed.
When u have 200K Points and later H grade so can u earn 40 or 50 XP with fighst. 1 % from 200 are 2000. I thinks that are 2 -3 days, than u have this XP.
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