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Messages posted by: Karlonia
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After about four and a half years, I am finally getting ready to make my first withdrawal from the game. I went to the Economy >> Financials >> Withdraw >> Methods page and under the International Bank Transfer option there are fields for IBAN number and Bank SWIFT code. However, banks here in the United States do not use these same numbers for incoming international wire transfers. For my bank there are two main numbers to use for bank transfers: the ABA (or routing) number, which identifies the bank, and the account number (usually for a checking or savings account), which identifies the individual account and its owner.

I tried to research this earlier today and never quite found a clear answer, but as far as I can determine, the Bank SWIFT code approximately corresponds to our ABA number (bank identification) and the IBAN number corresponds to the account number (account/owner identification). I did find out that the United States does not participate in the IBAN system and my bank has stated that they do not have an IBAN number, which is part of what is contributing to the confusion.

So the question here is: can I simply fill in my bank's ABA number in the field for Bank SWIFT code and my checking account number in the IBAN number field? Will this work or do I need to supply some other kind of information? I want to get this straightened out before I actually put a withdrawal request through so that I do not have money deducted from my Golden Battles account and then find out that the withdrawal cannot be processed.
Thank you for the clarification on the last two points; however, could you please address the issue of company relocation in my reply prior to those:


Also, there is a question regarding active player criteria that I posted as a separate thread under the Questions and Answers section. Apparently this post is still being held in moderation.

Both of these issues are quite important to my current game and will affect my strategy going forward. Other players have also been asking me questions related to these two issues but have not yet posted about them here. Any clarification you can provide on these points will be much appreciated.
Here is a topic that has been bothering me for quite some time as I am still unable to find specific information about it in the forum or wiki: what exactly counts as an "active player" for the purposes of satisfying the minimum threshold requirement of 10 "active players" needed to allow elections of minister candidates who can form a government in a country that is currently considered to be inactive/low activity? Do the players need to have been active for a certain number of days before the candidacy date? Do the number of separate logins over a certain period (such as 30 days) count? Do the players need to be at a certain level or meet other criteria such as XP, work experience, productivity, etc. before they are counted as active?

The specific details on this are rather important due to the currently low overall player population, which has resulted in a few countries (including the ones where I am operating) flipping back and forth between active and inactive status over the past several months. This in turn is making things like country development and battle planning extremely difficult because I have no reliable way of knowing whether my particular country will be able to have a government or not at the beginning of the next month. Without a government many important game functions like proposing legislation, changing taxes/bonuses, and starting war battles in cities are effectively disabled. I would like to at least be able to determine how many active players a country currently has by looking at the demography listings or some kind of dedicated display for this if one can be implemented. Having specific information about player activity requirements will also help when attempting to recruit other players for residence in a country that I am trying to bring back to active status so that we can regain access to the government functions.
This part of the description may need to be edited:

Resistance wars are started randomly between 10:00 - 20:00.

I have noticed several random resistance wars starting after 20:00, up to around 21:00. So perhaps the description should read "10:00 - 21:00" instead of 10:00 - 20:00.

Also regarding this part of the description:

Rewards for conquest

Independent of chosen Peace Treaties, the following reward is received for every conquered City:
10% of enemy country treasury (all currencies, Gold, Euro) divided by number of enemy country Regions at the beginning of the war
(this means that with Full Annexation it will be exactly 10%)

I have seen several conquests and annexations of countries since the beginning of the war module, but whenever I look at the winning country's receipts I have only ever seen about 10% of the gold transferred to the winning country's treasury after annexation but not any of the national currencies or Euro. Yet the description says "all currencies, Gold, Euro". So this makes me wonder which of these is correct -- only the gold transferred as the game currently seems to function or "all currencies, Gold, Euro" like the description says, in which case the game would need to be updated in a future maintenance/version change to comply with the current rules.
I have a question about relocating companies. I understand that companies can be relocated to a conquering country after annexation according to this part of the description

Once a Country is Annexed all company owner of the former country will be offered to migrate their companies to the new country for a cost of company value/10 (paid to winner country's treasury)

and in fact I have already done this with several of my companies after the UK was annexed by Ireland. However, I remember something being mentioned in the chat several months ago that companies would be able to relocate back to their original country without paying relocation fees after the original, formerly conquered country capital was freed. In the current game this original capital (London, UK) and the other UK cities have now been freed but I do not seem to have any option to relocate my companies back to their original country so that I can post workplaces and produce materials there. If I try to relocate them I get a message saying that "Only companies in a country with conquered capital regions can be relocated". This would seem to imply that I have no way of getting my companies back to the UK because in order for the UK to have a "conquered capital region" it would need to be annexed again and no longer exist on the map, which would defeat the purpose of relocating the company back to the UK to begin with. Or does this mean that the UK will have to conquer some other country's capital first before the relocation option would be enabled again?

I hope that there is some way to relocate companies back to their original country because it is becoming quite costly to buy or make things like steel for weapons production in other countries when I should be able to make these things in my own country with companies that I created in my own country from the beginning. Otherwise I would need to create additional companies in the UK to do this, but this would be redundant with all of the companies that I have already created previously, not to mention that it would become quite cumbersome and time consuming to manage so many companies.
I seem to be having trouble with trying to submit and publish articles. I have followed all of the steps in the tutorial but when I click the "Save" button at the bottom I am always receiving the popup with the "Error occurred while saving the data" message. I am not sure if there is a maximum word/character limit or not (I remember having this issue previously regarding the submission of election speech texts) but the article I am trying to save contains 758 words and 4375 characters.
I finally managed to complete the rebirth mission about two days ago. This is a very good option for players who want to return to previous grades for better access to materials.

However I have not received the 10 EURO bonus upon rebirth that is referenced in the original post.

Update: Admin has now sent the 10 EURO reward manually. Thanks.
yula wrote:Hi, I'm a newbie. Is there a way to change the player name. My player name is kind of long and I want to make it shorter. I was planning on using the restart but it doesn't say that it can reset your player name.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, as far as I know the player name (username) cannot be changed if you want to maintain the same account. The only way to change the name would be to stop playing, wait for the inactive account to be deleted (accounts are eligible for deletion after 30 days of inactivity unless there has been a recent change to the rules), and THEN register a new account under a new username.
To exchange GOLD for EURO:

Go to Economy >> Financials >> Exchange Euro and either click the "Buy Euro" button near the bottom of the right side of the page to exchange your gold for euro immediately, or you can click "Specify my buying offer" near the bottom of the left side of the page to post an offer for exchanging your gold to euro, after which it can be accepted by other players. This method is not as fast as simply buying euro from other players immediately, but you can get a better price (slightly less gold needed to acquire 1 euro) if you are willing to wait.

After you accumulate at least 15 in-game euro, you can go to Economy >> Financials >> Withdraw to withdraw your in-game euro and receive real-life euro that can be used as currency outside of the game. As Admin has already mentioned, there is a 25% withdrawal fee, so you will need to multiply your in-game euro total by 0.75 to determine how much real-life euro you can receive. For example if you manage to accumulate 100 euro in the game you will be able to receive 75 euro in your PayPal or bank account.
Regarding peace treaty proposals: What exactly happens when a country proposes a peace treaty? Does the other country receive a notification? Which players of that country are allowed to read the content of the proposal -- only the president, all government members (president + ministers), or all players? Can only the president decide to accept or decline a peace treaty proposal or are all ministers allowed to vote on it?

Also, is there a time limit for accepting or declining a proposed peace treaty? What happens if the other country's president simply ignores the proposal? Is it eventually auto-declined or auto-accepted?
Admin wrote:
Full annexation (with Dictate) can only be chosen if a country occupied all target cities. If this is not the case, only other types of peace treaties can be selected.

Ok, I understand the basic conditions for annexation, but just to clarify: by "target cities" do you mean ALL cities owned by the defending country at the start of a war or only the 10 original core cities that the country had at the beginning of the game? Or is the aggressor country (the country that starts the war) allowed to choose the "target cities" that it wishes to annex?
Regarding the possibility of forced annexation (Dictate):

What happens if two countries completely occupy a third country as a result of separate wars (no alliance between the two aggressor countries) but neither country controls all 10 cities of the third country? For example, we have a situation currently where one country is about to occupy 9 of the 10 UK cites, but a second country has initiated a separate war, opened a battle in the 10th city, and may eventually occupy it. So if country #1 ends up occupying nine cities and country #2 occupies one city, could the UK be force-annexed by one or both countries? Or does the war/occupation continue until someone proposes and signs a peace treaty to end the war?
Wow, that one is pretty funny...I used to watch boxing matches many years ago, but I don't think I have ever seen a boxer hit himself in the head before.
Yes, this is something that I have wanted for a long time...now I can just put my export offers out there and have people accept them without having to go through all of the cumbersome back-and-forth PM stuff.
Admin wrote:
In the above countries, the Import taxes for I grade weapons and clothing has been set to 0.

I am not so sure about this...I just tried a couple of "test" trades between my British and Irish trade companies, and for an I grade pistol I still got charged a 0.01 gold import tax from the Ireland side.

Also, as "Ireland Administrator", is it possible for you to approve free trade agreements from the UK or other countries? The default import taxes for more expensive items are not a big deal, but for things like food and drinks, the 0.01 gold per unit makes it uneconomical to do such trades, and I really want to help Ireland get more developed by supplying reasonably priced products from my UK companies.
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