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Messages posted by: Masterbo
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Masterbo wrote:Agreement is folow:
Lupo get a HQ Pistol with a price from 200 DEM on Date 05.05.2014
i get from Lupo 129 cotton for 0.01 DEM + taxes in the next two weeks!

I agree!

Deal is finished!
Agreement is folow:
Lupo get a HQ Pistol with a price from 200 DEM on Date 05.05.2014
i get from Lupo 129 cotton for 0.01 DEM + taxes in the next two weeks!

I agree!
Hello Admin or Admin Team,
the war modul is very complex and i do not know it is really good to make it so complex.
but we had not all informations.

1. How work the war between countries?
1.1. Work the war like Raid?
1.2. How much hours can people fight in war 24h?
1.3. How many alliance partners can fight in this war?
1.4. Who can start a war (gouverment, citiziens or other?)?
1.5. How many wars can people or countries max. starts?

2. What is happen with conquered City?
2.1. What is with companies in this conquered city?
2.1.1. Can they produce but they must pay taxes (or better more taxes) to the new country?
2.1.2. Is the city after war in Protection modus for x days?
2.1.3. What happen with the citiziens in this conquered city?

3. Cost & Earning?
3.1. What can people earning in war?
3.2. Give it a Rank when i make X damage?
3.2.1. When their give a rank, get the soldier more bonus on PP in future wars?
3.3. Give in war a war fund?
3.4. What cost start a war between countries?
3.5. Or get people a badge and can change this against € or Gold form country or Warfund?

4. New countries?
4.1. When come new countries like America, Philipinnes, Brasilia, Australia and some in Africa as Nigeria?
4.2 These new countries safe for the first time?

I think that are important questions and a lot of people ask me!
I would like to wish me, when I was in my company overview to have a column with problems.
e.g. Company inactive because out of money or out of materials and so on!
This would give everyone a better overview and looks at a glance if all firms are active. The messages are good, but too many messages going one way or another, unfortunately, under!
Hi, that was aran wrote here is very important for good economy.
Why can only players sell gold and Euro on financial market?
Oh, countries can this too!
Why can companies this not? I think that is fair for all players.

The game had more advantages!
More gold and € were sell on market. Player can sell and buy faster € and gold!

This suggestion is from Septembre last year and it is very important for a fair game for all!
Can u implemented this before warmodul? thx!
But in Realtime when Präsident is ill or is in holiday, then it give here a second präsident.
I think in online gaming is this very important.
I hope, that admin make change this in the next weekends!
Summer come and than their is holiday time and präsidents make holiday without internet!
With this special item can user increase their durability from weapon.
U can use this specialitem on 1 weapon and on 1 weapon u can use only 1 Special Item.

The durability increase between 0-10%.
I think admin can make 3 Item with LQ, HQ and TQ

LQ make durabulity higher 1-3%, HQ 3-6% and TQ 6-10%.

Nice feature for prices in Arena, Events or maybe in Raid with 0.5% or so!
A country should remain capable of acting and if the President is sick, or in times Ulraub, the deputy should be able to do the same things as the President. So this should then write messages to all residents can exchange currencies and so on.

The one who has the second most votes in the election, has the same rights as the president, but he does not get the house!

This makes sense that a country is able to act in absent-ness from the President!
Bald kommt das Warmodul und ist hier ein neues Modul "Raid" vom Admin Team implementiert worden.

Hier sind die Informtionen auf englisch http://help.goldenbattles.com/help/en/RAID

1. Lohnen sich Raids?
Raids machen sich für die Spieler Sinn die ggfs. in Berlin befinden. Sollte das Alien Dominator nach Berlin kommen, sollte man probieren an einem Raid teilzunehmen. Vorallem die die Preise mit Teleports, Agra und Booster sind nachher im Krieg wichtig!
Aber es lohnt sich auch ein Raid Tag zu machen! Das bedeutet, dass man am Anfang ein Teleport nutzt und dann dem Raid Team folgt. Sollte man später dann ggfs. in der Nähe von Berlin landen, sollte man sich den Teleport sparen und mit dem Auto reisen.

2. Was ist zu beachten?
Man sollte genügend Stamina für die Raids haben, damit man auch mitkämpfen kann.
Ein Team muss mindestens aus 2 Mitgliedern und maximal aus 10 bestehen.
Spieler mit Practise Points sind sehr wichtig!
Das Alien taucht also jede Stunde woanders im I Grade auf. Im H Grade dann alle 1,5h und in G Grade alle 2h.

3. Was mache ich mit den Agra?
Ich würde warten bis das Warmodul da ist. Es ist sinnvoll die Agras für das Warmodul zu benutzen also aufsparen!

4. Wer organisiert Raids in Deutschland?
Hier organisiert VioletteC die Raids für den I Grade und Masterbo für den G Grade!

5. Wie bekomme ich weitere Informationen?
Beschafft euch skype und added mich dort Masterbo007
Ich füge euch der Deutschland Gruppe hinzu und Ihr könnt euch dann austauschen!

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Soon the Warmodul is coming and here is a new module "Raid" has been implemented by the admin team.

Here are the Inform on gut strings on English http://help.goldenbattles.com/help/en/RAID

1 to raid it worth ?
Raids make sense for the players that are possibly in Berlin. If the alien Dominator come to Berlin , you should try to participate in a raid. Especially the prices are with teleports , Agra and booster after the war important!
But it is worthwhile to make a raid day! This means that you start out using a teleport and then follows the raid team. If you later then possibly land in the vicinity of Berlin , you should save the teleport and travel by car .

2 What 's important?
You should have enough stamina for the raids , so you can also declined to fight .
A team must have at least two members and a maximum consist of 10 .
Players with Practice Points are very important!
So the alien emerges every hour somewhere on the I grade . In the H grade then every 1.5 h and in all degrees of G 2h .

3 What do I do with the Agra?
I would wait until the Warmodul is there. It makes sense to use so save Agras for Warmodul !

4 Who organizes raids in Germany ?
Here VioletteC organized the raids for the I grade and Masterbo for the G Grade !

5 How do I get more information?
Obtain you skype and add me there Masterbo007
I add yourselves to the Germany group and you can replace you then !

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I think the game need new special Items

A lot of people go in summer in holidays and than they lost work XP and PP.
I think it must give a Special items who can Player frozen their workXP and PP for 1 day.
When they go to holiday for 7 days they need 7 special items and they can activate it.

I think it is a nice idea
i know the admin Team want make something, that new Players want not fast quit.
But i think that is not the right way, because many countries have to low worker.
We have many countires with low Job and in other with low workers .

More companies solved not the Problem. than is better give Players Bonus, when he invested here or so. Or make Events and in this can only a part for new Players!

I like this, when adminteam ask the members! Very GOOD!
Information comes in the next time!
Alle Informationen rund um Soldiers und Assistants

1. Wo ist der Unterschied zwischen Soldiers und Assitants?
Der große Unterschied ist, dass alle neuen Spieler immer als Soldier auf dem Markt zur Versteigerung kommen. Spieler die sich über einen Reflink sich anmelden, die kommen als Assitants nicht mehr zur Versteigerung, sondern bleiben bei der geworbenen Person

2. Verdienst bei Soldiers?
Verdienst als Leader/ von deinem Soldaten:
  • Fight bonus for Leader 10 %

  • Arbeitslohn 20%

  • Materialverkauf 20%

  • Auszahlungen aus Firma 20%

  • Erhält Gameshares

  • 3. Verdienst bei Assitant?
    Verdienst als Mentor/von deinem Assistant:
  • Level advance bonus for Mentor 5 %

  • Work bonus for Mentor 5 %

  • Einzahlungen 10%

  • Arbeitslohn 10%

  • Materialverkauf 10%

  • Auszahlungen aus Firma 10%

  • Erhält Materialien und neue Produkte nach Inaktivität (ca. 30 Tagen)

  • 4. Wie kann ich Soldiers oder Assitants ersteigern
    Entweder ihr klickt auf dem Hauptbildschirm auf Details
    Ihr geht auf "Economy" -> "Soldiers&Assitant" -> "Auction" -> "Soldiers" or "Assistant"

    5. Wie kann ich Sie kaufen?
    Wie in Punkt beschrieben dann auf den Button "Place bid" klicken und eine Summe eingeben

    6. Welche Gebühren fallen an?
    Beim Kauf fallen keine Gebühren an. Solltest du jedoch Soldiers oder Assitants verkaufen, dann fallen über 1€ folgende Kosten an, welche von deinem Preis abgezogen werden:
    - 20% Leader Bonus
    - 10% Mentor Bonus
    - X% Personal Income Taxes

    7. Auf was soll ich beim Kauf achten?
    Achtet darauf dass Spieler aktiv sind. Das seht ihr wenn Ihr einen Spieler anschaut, wie oft er kämpft. Alternativ schreibt den Spieler an und fragt Ihn was er vor hat.

    8. Wo sehe ich, was welcher Soldier oder Assistant mir eingebracht hat?
    "Posseisons" -> "Soldiers&Assistant"

    Aktive Spieler bringen gutes Einkommen. Es hängt aber auch davon ab, in welchem Land dieser ist. Aus meiner Sicht ist dies sehr lukrativ!

    Zurück zur Startseite

    All information about Soldiers and Assistants

    1 What is the difference between Soldiers and Assitants ?
    The big difference is that all new players always come as a Soldier in the market for auction. Players who log in through a Reflink to come as Assitants no longer up for auction , but remain in the enlisted person

    2 Earnings with Soldiers ?
    Merit as a leader / from your soldiers :
  • Fight bonus for Leader 10 %

  • wages 20 %

  • material sale 20 %

  • withdrawals from company 20 %

  • Available Game shares

  • 3 Earnings with Assitant ?
    Merit as a mentor / from your Assistant:
  • Level advance bonus for Mentor 5%

  • Work bonus for Mentor 5%

  • Deposits 10%

  • wages 10%

  • Material Sale 10%

  • withdrawals from company 10%

  • Available materials and new products after inactivity (about 30 days )

  • 4 How can I Soldiers or Assitants bid
    Either you click on the main screen, click Details
    Your going to "Economy " -> " Soldiers & Assitant " -> " Auction" -> " Soldiers" or " Assistant"

    5 How do I buy ?
    As described in point then click the button " Place bid" button and enter a sum

    6 What fees are incurred?
    Buyer are no room charges . But if you should sell or Soldiers Assitants , then fall to about € 1 following costs, which are deducted from your price :
    - 20 % Leader bonus
    - 10% Mentor Bonus
    - X% Personal Income Taxes

    7 What should I look for when buying ?
    Pay attention that players are active. That you see when your watching a player , how often he fights. Alternatively, write to the player and asks him what he has before .

    8 Where can I see what Soldier or Assistant which has brought me?
    " Posseisons " -> " Soldiers & Assistant"

    Active players bring good income . But it also depends on what country this is . From my perspective, this is very lucrative!

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    Alle Informationen zur Werbung:

    1. Wo finde ich meinen Reflink?
    Unter "Profile" -> and there is follow Link
    Referrer link: https://www.goldenbattles.com/referrer/Masterbo

    2. Was ist mein Verdienst?
    Wenn du Spieler wirbst, dann bleiben die lebenlang deine Spieler und du verdienst von jeglichen Einkommen des Spieler 10%.
    Weiterhin erhälst du alle seine Materialien und ungenutzte Produkte, wenn er einen Neustart oder vom Spiel nach ca. 30 Tagen Inaktivität gelöscht wird.

    3. Welche Vorteile habe ich?
    Du bekommst ein ExtraIncome und ggfs. seine Materialien

    4. Wo finde ich Banner zur Werbung?

    Werben von neuen Spielern macht sehr viel Sinn, da du ein Extra Einkommen generierst. Berate deine Spieler und sinnvoll ist es auch, dass die Spieler vielleicht sogar in anderen Ländern anfangen. Später bei Kriegen, können wir sie schnell wieder zurückholen

    Zurück zur Startseite

    All information on advertising:

    1 Where can I find my Reflink?
    Under "Profile" -> and there is follow link
    Referrer link: https://www.goldenbattles.com/referrer/Masterbo

    2 What is my merit?
    If you advertise player, then remain life-long your players and you earn income from any of the players 10%.
    Also you will receive all its materials and unused products if it is deleted or restart the game after about 30 days of inactivity.

    3 What advantages do I have?
    You will receive a ExtraIncome and possibly its materials

    4 Where can I find banners for advertising?

    Advertise of new players makes a lot of sense, since you generate extra income. Counsel your players and meaningful it is also true that the players might start even in other countries. Later, in wars, we can retrieve them quickly

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    Alle Informationen zu den Gameshares

    1. Wie kann ich Game shares kaufen?
    Unter "Game" -> "Shares" seht Ihr 2 Spalten.

    2. Wieviele Gameshares gibt es?
    Es gibt 1 Million Gameshares!

    3. Wo sehe ich, wer wie viele gameshares hat?
    Klickt auf "Game" -> "Shareholder"

    4. Welche Gebühren fallen beim Einkauf und Verkauf von Gameshares an?
    Nur beim Verkaufen fallen 0.01€ an Gebühren an!

    5. Wann wird ausgezahlt?
    Immer zum Montsanfang oder wenn 10.000€ erreicht worden sind.

    6. Wie ist mein Verdienst in gameshares?
    Das Gamebudget / 1 Million Shares = Dividende pro Share

    7. Wo sehe ich das Gamebudget?
    Dieses findet Ihr "Game" -> "Balances"

    Gameshares lohnen sich zu kaufen, da das Spiel noch nicht voll entwickelt ist und wenn man ein anderes Spiel sich anschaut können die Gameshare Preise bis auf über 1€ steigen. Ich gehe von einem erfolgreichen Spiel aus und denke, dass wir die 1€ pro gameshare erreichen werden.

    Zurück zur Startseite

    All information about the game Shares

    1 How can I buy shares Game ?
    Under " Game" -> " Shares" You see two columns.

    2 How many Game shares are there?
    There are 1 million shares Game !

    3 Where do I see who has how many shares game ?
    Click on "Game " -> "shareholder "

    4 What are the fees on purchase and sale of Shares Game ?

    Only when selling fall to € 0.01 in fees !

    5 When will paid game for shares?
    Always Mont beginning or if € 10,000 have been achieved.

    6 How is my merit in game shares ?

    The Game Budget / 1 million shares = Dividend per Share

    7 Where can I see the game budget?
    This is your "Game " -> " Balances "

    Game shares worth to buy, because the game is not yet fully developed and if you can look at a different game to the Game Share prices rise to over € 1. I start from a successful game and think that we will reach the € 1 per share game .

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