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Messages posted by: Masterbo
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my account is locked and i wrote Admin for 5 days an email. Hope that u can unlock my account. I type 2 time a wrong password! Or is this lock other reasons?

All is ok and get my withdraw!
I sell follow companies:

1. Steel
2. rubber
3. House
4. Trade

1. Trade
Mh, why you collect this things? That is here the question.
I think admin can not help all.
This is a strategy multiplayer game and that mean you schould create your own strategy and not the admin for you!
Hi Admin,

i hope that you wake up now and aste not the money for fakewars.
I see you want give players this

"35% is awarded to the soldiers who have fought in the battles in the last 24 hours (split between players based on the amount of dealt damage compared to the total damage). "

I agree with this, when this is a really war. But since last 6 month i do not see anywhere a really war, but people get a lot of money. I hope you safe this money and with this money can u make a additional monthly event.
That is better for your pocket and better for game!
i saw people had fun by the last events and i wish for the game more this events for 1-2 days.
But this event schould be something cost.

For example:
- To travel to this event u must use a car.
- People can go to the event only with XX Prestige
- In the Event is an alien who kill all soldiers on this field, when alien joined or make a lot of damage. so must people change always field or must drink cp or HP.

I think this would help the game and make it more interested for new players!
Sorry, the the many question.
The adversiting modul a new modul in game and for this need magazine?
Or need i something else.
- ability to place advertisements inside articles and get incomes from them

What do you mean with this? This mean, that i can publish my reflink from other sites?
When yes, than i am interested.

But i ask me, why schould buy user articles or read articles.
When i make adversiting and i must pay for it, than are this article free. That is my invest for new players on other sites.

But for all other articles i do not know, why people should pay for it.
Admin wrote:
Masterbo wrote:Hi,
and what can we make with this company? For what is this company good?
Can we make adversiting with this ariticles or are reflinks forbidden?
Where i can see an example of an article?
And really 8€? I must see, for what is this good!
And what had a user from this reading?

This first version of the News module has only limited functionality from this point of view, articles will just appear on the News subpage of Golden Battles:
Our main goal with this version is to have public content of Golden Battles, which can be indexed by the Search providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

Terms and Conditions of the Game apply to the articles, too.

In the next version the company owners will be able to publish also paid articles, which generate income for the company.
Then, with the introduction of the Advertisment module, company owners will be able to sell ad places in (and around) the articles, which will also result in incomes.

Ok, than is that not interesting. Why schould User pay for my articles and when i can not put there reflinks from other sites for example is that wasting of money. For 8€ or 10€ + further materials wage and not usefull functions (Ref of other sites) is this not interesting. When i can make adversiting for example other games or other earning sites is that a other thing. So i would pay for it. And it is an other thing, if people come here in game make adversiting or spam without paying or for example i pay for adversiting other sites!
and what can we make with this company? For what is this company good?
Can we make adversiting with this ariticles or are reflinks forbidden?
Where i can see an example of an article?
And really 8€? I must see, for what is this good!
And what had a user from this reading?
Order № : 8
Seller name : Masterbo
Buyer name : Definitiv
Type of Product : weapon pistole F grade HQ
Quantity : 1
Single price : 130 weapon pistole F grade keymates + 300 NLG

Type of Payment : Currency + Materials

Date of deal : 19.02.2014
Masterbo, Agreed & Signed
i make a screenshot of these month. I think over 1000€ is a lot for GB and it is a good month.
Here is screen http://prntscr.com/5y1y46

I this month there was to big alliances what fight. In the end of the month there is 1 big alliance and no fight. Next month we will see if that was good for gamefund and investors. In the end of the month i make the next screenshot and all investors can see what can happen.

Maybe i am wrong but the new things, increase not the gamefund.
We will see.
Deal 1:
1. Pistol HQ H + taxes + 1 Material Licence for 60 Pistol I Keymats (Price 0.001 DEM)
2. Full set HQ Clothes H + taxes for 400 cotton (Price 0.001 DEM)
3. Sniper HQ H for 102 latex+ 150 grain + 52 skin +200 iron (Price 0.001 DEM)
4. 1 armor HQ H for 20 Pistol I keymats (Price 0.001 DEM)

We make the deal today!
Admin wrote:
Masterbo wrote:Sorry, for what feeding i was Banned. Please look in my receipts. I change products against Materials with Suko and Lupo in the Last days. I sell cheaper Pistol and get Iron and grain! Please Check this and delete me from warning List. I do Not feeding and u now that! Or give IT a new rule we not allowed make change?

For the transactions with McJack.

Sorry, this was all Clear. U can See all in Forum. Mcjack get from me House, Food, Drink, Weapons and i get from her in the next days 1500 Grain. That was Deal and i Post it. U can all Read. When u want Warned, than make a better explaination. Sorry, what i make wrong by this Deal, and when u Start Banning player for a new rule, than say this before. Many player make the Same like me and i am the First who Banned? Really Crazy Here.

Here is the deal. This deal could not ended because admin banned McJack and i was warning for a deal what is for me and other ok? What is wrong with this deal and why i warning now, when this deal was on 26.12.2014. What is with all the other player in the last 30 days? or when start u warning? Admin i know u dislike me, but at admin schould u objective and schould not mobbing few people. When i schould game, make me offer for my gameshares and for my companies and i quit game! But to try it on this way is not good for game, for you and for other player they can not understand, what u think. Please write me and all other what he/she make wrong and they can make it better next time.

Here is the deal:
Masterbo wrote:Order № : 6
Seller name : Masterbo
Buyer name : McJack
Type of Product : Pistole I Grade HQ + Sniper LQ I Grade
Quantity : 1
Single price : min. 1000 grain

Type of Payment : Materials
First deposit of Payment : 25.12.2014

Date of deal : 26.12.2014 or 27.12.2014
Delay option for "payment" : yes
Number of days in delay : 2 days

Masterbo, Agreed & Signed

When u can explain what i make wrong is all ok and i accept my warning. but i can not find a mistake.
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