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CoinPrism shut down in 2018, this withdrawal option is no longer available.
Your account is under deletion due to inactivity, it can't be unlocked anymore.
According to the Terms and Conditions it is strictly forbidden to control multiple accounts.
Please report such findings in an ingame message to Admin.
Details for 7th Rebirth have been added.
ELLINAS wrote:Where are informations about changing Grades?

It was initially planned like you suggest, but then we would have ended up with 50+ type of companies, which is not very user friendly.

However, the buy/sell offers can be set anytime with Trade companies, they work as you describe.
ad BUT 1)
Countries set the bonuses in such a way that a newbie can make enough money to buy the next set of clothing and next weapons. Everything else is pure profit.

See some calculations here:
There is a "Change picture" button in your Profile -> My data menu.
Don't forget, after step 7 you have to log out and log back in again.
Karlonia wrote:Thank you for the clarification on the last two points; however, could you please address the issue of company relocation in my reply prior to those:


As far as I see this in unfortunately not yet implemented.
I have added it to our TODO list, with top priority.
Active players from this point of view are those who in the 30 days prior to the candidacy:
- log in at least 15 times
- have at least 2 receipts of work bonuses

- if a country pays 0 work bonus, the second criteria will never be met.
Karlonia wrote:This part of the description may need to be edited:

Resistance wars are started randomly between 10:00 - 20:00.

I have noticed several random resistance wars starting after 20:00, up to around 21:00. So perhaps the description should read "10:00 - 21:00" instead of 10:00 - 20:00.

Description was amended.

Karlonia wrote:Also regarding this part of the description:

Rewards for conquest

Independent of chosen Peace Treaties, the following reward is received for every conquered City:
10% of enemy country treasury (all currencies, Gold, Euro) divided by number of enemy country Regions at the beginning of the war
(this means that with Full Annexation it will be exactly 10%)

I have seen several conquests and annexations of countries since the beginning of the war module, but whenever I look at the winning country's receipts I have only ever seen about 10% of the gold transferred to the winning country's treasury after annexation but not any of the national currencies or Euro. Yet the description says "all currencies, Gold, Euro". So this makes me wonder which of these is correct -- only the gold transferred as the game currently seems to function or "all currencies, Gold, Euro" like the description says, in which case the game would need to be updated in a future maintenance/version change to comply with the current rules.

The Game calculates the % of all currencies, but then converts it to Gold and summs it up. You will see this total amount of Gold in the receipts.
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