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Messages posted by: QBall
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some things change and you can't predict them
yes, but what about when i have alot of steel in my weapons company, and i need some steel in my transport company for examle?...i could move 20 steel from weapons to transport so i can keep the jobs runing, until i get more steel...
it would be usefull to see in the fight screen how many trap nets you have, just like you can see how many shots on your pistol...
is the offer still on?
Could you implement an option so a leader could send an email to his soldier?maybe we could convinse some of our soldiers that went inactive to come back in the game...
Can you consider the option to give the posibilitty of voting in a countrie's parlament to block the access of a certain person to the local chat of that country?...
that means that the auto-sell option won't be so auto )
yes, we need a little control, not just some random sell..

Auto-sell option also disables interaction and cooperation between players. Players are encouraged to form colonies and work together. But on other side they are disallowed to offer cheaper products if someone go to that colony. Thats just bad design.

i totaly agree with you on that! without interaction and cooperation it's very hard to do something...
you said also to sell for euro...that's also imposible because the auto-sell option!
1st time it was sold to the 220 offer for 210, and yes, it was a bug, the admin fixed it
now it got soled for the higher offer, this is how it should work he sais...
anyway...i still don't like this random selling at all!
this game should be about cooperation and agreements...this makes it imposible!
your auto-sell option is still not working right!
it doesn't sell for the price i set it to sell for...tell me how this damn feature works!
do somethign with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no, you can't!
i am selling from company, so there's no way i can do that...
The ,,machine use " costs is insignificant! it has to be a bigger advanteage!
I did that last night...offers on the market for lq pistol 200 and 220...i told him to place offer for 210. after he did so, i placed the pistol for sale for 210...got sold for 210...to the guy who had offer for 220
this is not working right!
it should not be a random thing, but to show you the options so you can choose the person you want to make the deal with...
Aran is right! LQ is more affordable, and many will produce those...
also, it is better to have 2 LQ cars or houses for rent instead of just 1 HQ
I think this is a very bad feature, it's completly useless, and it's used only for scaming players!everyone should have an option who to sell his stuff to, not to get auto-sold, even if the price is the one you set!
admin said that after the drop rate has been changed we have to create colonies to hunt for materials...to convince a player to go hunt for you, you must give him something in return...i agreed to sell him cheaper products...when i wanted to sell him a pistol, it got auto-sold and had no pistol left for my hunter...Also exchanging products for materials or basic for advance materials becomes very dificult, sometimes imposible...
I bet that many of you had problems like this and i really hope you will post your opinion here if you want the admin to take out this feature or not!
thank you in advance!
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