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Messages posted by: snajper771
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Author Message
Order № : 1
Seller name : Torok
Buyer name : Snajperr772
Type of Product : Iron 743pcs, 12 pcs Rubber and 300 Kod

Type of Payment :
Used Set clothes H grade HQ
Used 3 pcs Armor H grade HQ
Used pistol H grade HQ
Used sniper H grade HQ

Date of deal : 02/01/2012
Delay option for "payment" : Used stuff will sell max 1 week time

Signed and aproved


Transaction completed 07/01/2015
All stuff sold

Agrement betwen :

Delay payment

Sniper LQ I grade

cost 230KOD

Paid 130 KOD

Pending Payment:
1pcs Iron for 100 KOD

aproved and signed:


Payd 100 kod 30-12-2014
Transacion End
LEADER BONUS: 34 (I'm level 11, the Leader is my 45, so 45-11 = 34
This not thrue.
Delate this from this site or put corect info
Hitsu so show everyone your damage in raid. I dont want waste more time to explaine everyone why we dont want him in Raidteam.
Ellinas leader cant accept every one players who want. For ex 1 player lvl 15 invest long time in practice and have 2000 PP. another player dont want invest in Practice and have 0 PP and lvl 15. And his can be join raid because free places and received same revards as this whot invest in himself. This propose will stop
dodger raiding.
I have propose to change in Raid revards.
Now if raid team its full game get 100 blue and 100 red capsules per 1 raid.
I propose revard capsule depending from damage.
For example if player made 300 damage ged revard 1 blue and 1 red capsules, but max damage per shot its for ex 6000 so 1 player with big PP must shot min 5 times.
This i propose beacouse we have problem with smart players. We shot 5-6 times and other just 1 time with low damage and receive same revards.
Other revards can be seame - teleport and speed booster just capsules depending from damage.
Also can add similar for higher grade raids.
Wait for opimion all active raiders.
transaction completed but game very complicated so we lost too much time
Order № : 17
Product Type : car LQ (used, 61%)
Quantity : 1
Single price :0.7 euro
Total price : 0.7 euro
Payment method : assistant offer

Seller : St0n3Bridg3
Buyer : snajper772
Date of deal : 15.08.2014

St0n3Bridg3, Agreed & Signed

snajper772 agreed and signed
auto sell option its not too bat but we needs confirm this transctions. Few times i make misteake and i think not only myself. So i propose put question: You want sell prduct: xto player :y for prices :z You sure? and 2 buttons: yes or no
yes aran drop material this extra money foir player same if someone hit mor as 35 times make more. but if someone logged just 1 time daily cant keep prestige 100
Alien data for Glasgow:

no 21 lev found

prestige .................. 100
daily shot .................. 35
daily cost
clothes ...................... 15
prestige food ............ 10
prestige drink ........... 10
house ....................... 33
golf ticket .................. 25
daily prestige cost..... 93
fight bonus ................. 3
daily fight bonus ..... 105
From job after taxes.. 20
work bonus daily .......10

incomes 135

Daily profit 42

Pistol hq destroyed after 400 shots
new pistol every: 11,43 days
money colect for pistol 480
pistol hq prices 475
Profit netto 5

Imposible!! Calculate how player colect money for buy new pistols and new set clothes? This is firsth mont when we start stable budget. Country budget needs more way to make incomes. Now we can sell golf ticket from UK also we have taxes for open new companys, workplaces and headqarter. So for this moment we dont needs cut bonuses.
Masterbo in UK we have many products maked in UK so we dont needs import so we have high import tax. Also we have few workers ready to job and we needs more workplaces. When we import some cheep stuff nobady dont be want opened company here. Conclusion: We protect Uk as we can
My propose to changes:

Level advance bonus 5gbp
fight bonus for now 2,5 and we can increase againe afterfew days
Work bonus 50 GBP

currency exchange tax 10%

sales tax prestige drink I grade 0.5 gbp
sales tax prestige drink H grade 0.8 gbp
sales tax prestige food I grade 0.5 gbp
sales tax prestige food I grade 0.8 gbp
sales tax cloth I grade 3 gbp
sales tax weapon I grade 9 gbp
sales tax cloth H grade 5 gbp
sales tax weapon H grade 15 gbp
for materials i propose dont increase beacouse new players pay for weaponce GBP Iron and Wood
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