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Weekend poster

Joined: 13/06/2012 14:40:39
Messages: 288
Location: Budapest

Game will introduce a new feature: City regents.
Players will have the possibility to become Regent of a city, an economical status which will give them special advantages in those cities.

Initial Regent will pay 10 EURO per city.
Regency can then be acquired by winning Regency battles.
Regent can sell this status to another players in the Economy - Cities - Market menu.

1) Regent will have permanent Guardian status in his cities
2) Regent will get free (temporary) headquarters in that city for all his companies from the country where this city is located
3) Aliens will have extra Red Agra drop if killed by the Regent

Please share your comments and suggestions about what these advantages should be.

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Joined: 14/09/2014 14:52:37
Messages: 13

10 euros sounds "a lot" but it might be a good idea...
from my point of view regents will be like cotton-plantation owners
so they should also own all hunted materials after setting a guardian (some kind of auto-buy for those materials which hunters will drop), this would avoid hunters to huntfor theirselves with for example a free guardian
or city regents will have a better drop rate for themselves in the "owned" city for all kind of materials and keymats
benefits... a residency (like the white house) adding prestige above the usual 100 which is possible and maybe also a plus for productivity could be a nice add-on
the whole city regents feature could also lead to create an own - private country

Is this the internet?

Joined: 16/03/2013 00:15:35
Messages: 8

As i said this in chat in game, would nice to make detecting aliens in owned city 2x more often, so not about 5 aliens per 1 detector but 10 aliens per 1 detector

Is this the internet?

Joined: 04/01/2014 15:58:32
Messages: 4

You said advantatges without adding new windows in the game or new options.

-The advantage you said.
-I like what jabolek said, a 1-20 aliens when you use a detector instead of 1-10.
-A 50% more productivity for non goverment members when they work in the "main company of the regent" (he will assign which one is). The others will have a 25%.
-Add a fee in detectors that are activated in the city from other players (regent earns the gold). The regent can be a devil or not so it can be a 0%-25% (at least there could be this option). If a detector X gold, the player will pay X+Y% and this Y will go to the regent.
-The possibility to use keymat detectors to detect aliens that will give double xperience and regent can assign a small fee to the player who want to kill it. (Dont know, if regent is level F, he will detect alien level F, so there will be a fight between regents because for example i would go to the city where i could kill this alien so i would work there, put a guardian,etc.)
-regent can pay a money bonus to players who defend the city in the regent war, like a fight bonus.
-The posibility to change materials for stamina pills.

I think i would pay 10 euros if i were strong enough in order not to loose the city

Is this the internet?

Joined: 05/09/2014 20:27:27
Messages: 7

I think, with what is, 10 euros is too much for a city. Some cities, very few, mainly iron, as Timisoara, could be interesting; but few would care. Wooden city currently has no demand to cover the city what it's worth. I therefore believe that a regent that money is spent and grabs a city must have an impact: I think it should recover at least 5 euros in gold, as an empire bonus, to be paid over a period of time, for example, 4 Gold per month for 20 months. If the city loses, he loses the return forever; and you can only collect this money for the person who has invested 10 euros; Other subsequent owners are not entitled to this payment.
Another fact is the defense of a city by one person; is unrealistic to think that players who use the city to hunt, want to defend someone else, it will give them another like a regent. Nor is it realistic to think that a single player, although very strong, can defend a city of 10 players. But there is a solution for this: the attackers must put at least 20 gold to attack a city. This would make many people call to battle.
I also should not be limited to a battle, winning or losing a city, keep in mind that there is a life outside the game, and a battle can come wrong, and not to defend it by absence. I think we could do: winner, best of three battles.
Undoubtedly the free move to that city is indispensable to make it profitable and people want to go.

I'll expose any idea that occurs more.

Excuse the translation.

Creo que, con lo que hay, 10 euros es demasiado dinero por una ciudad. Algunas ciudades, muy pocas, principalmente las del hierro, como Timisoara, podrian ser interesantes; pero, serian pocas cuidades. Una ciudad de Madera; no tiene demanda, actualmente, para poder amortizar el valor de 10 euros de la ciudad. Creo por tanto que un regente, que se gasta el dinero y que adquiere una ciudad, debe tener una devolucion de parte de su inversión: creo que debe recuperar, al menos, 5 euros en oro, como un bono imperio; que sea pagado en un periodo de tiempo, por ejemplo, 4 de Oro por mes, durante 20 meses. Si pierde la ciudad, pierde la devolución, para siempre; y solo se puede cobrar este dinero por aquella persona que ha invertido los 10 euros; los demas propietarios posteriores no tienen derecho a este pago.
Otro dato: es la defensa de una ciudad por una sola persona; no es realista pensar que los jugadores que usen la ciudad para cazar, quieran defenderla de otra persona, pues les dará igual un regente que otro.Tampoco es realista pensar que un solo jugador, aunque sea muy fuerte, podrá defender una ciudad de 10 jugadores. Pero hay una solución para esto: los atacantes deben poner al menos 20 de oro para poder atacar una ciudad. Esto haria llamar a mucha gente a la batalla.
Creo también, que no debe limitarse a una batalla, el ganar o perder una ciudad: tengamos en cuenta que hay una vida fuera del juego, y una batalla puede venir mal, y no poder defenderla por ausencia. Creo que podriamos hacer: ganador, al mejor de tres batallas.
Sin duda, el trasladarse gratis a esa ciudad es algo indispensable para que sea rentable y la gente quiera ir.

Iré exponiendo alguna idea mas que se ocurra.

Disculpar la traducción.

Is this the internet?

Joined: 16/03/2013 00:15:35
Messages: 8

What about exp advantages ? For me exp is really important when someone want to make fast rebirths. In regent city we could have for example 1,5 or 2x more exp for killing aliens
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