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How to play "GOLDEN BATTLES" - (Instructions..) - (PART 1)
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2. Societal level (Rrestige)
3. Money
4. Mentors (Mentor) and Assistants (Referals)
5. Leaders (Leaders) and Soldiers (Soldiers)
6. Battles, Wars and Training (Practice)
7. Property (Possessions)
8. Purchase Products
9. Trips (Teleport)
10. Employment
11. Countries
12. Companies
13. Elections
14. Equity Companies
15. Shares Playing
16. Chat


THE Golden Battles is a simulation game economics and war, but success is based and social interactions of players.
Meet other players, make new friends and invite your friends (you can play as a team).
Playing with virtual money in the game, each player can buy, sell, pay taxes, to win or get fees.
This money can be converted to real money and the amount depends on the strategy of each player when dealing with money in the game.
Also, you can choose a country to live (I'm in Hungary, why some countries are very poor in gameplay possibilities)
registration form ..

To view your profile, press "Profile":

After successful registration and once logged in,
On the homepage you see the following:

Social Level (Rrestige)

Player level (Level)

Experience (Xp), Health (Hp), Armor (Cp), Energy (Ep) and Endurance (Stamina),
Click on the thumbnails easily achieve access to certain features of the game (which appears when the cursor remains over them ..)
and on the right side you can find messages, notices and warnings and below the above, is the menu of the main issues ..

NOTE: All available functions are not listed in this document.
The available functions can be changed by adding or subtracting from the Profile tab (Profile), in tab "GUI Preferences".

2. Prestige,

The Social Level is the main feature in this game, to keep everything at a high price.
Determines how productive the worker is, how powerful blow gives battles, the tax rate soldiers and workers and remuneration earned from work and battles.
You can increase your social level, wearing clothes, eating and drinking food and drink, using tickets golf and living in a house.
The clothes are available in the market where you can 't buy, but do not forget to equip it, because every piece of clothing increases the social level in 5 points
(a full set of clothes to equipment, you can give 25 points above).,
Food and drinks are available in the market and can be purchased by players, companies, or countries.

Social Level (Prestige): 20 points (minimum)
Clothes: +25 points (duration: 24 hours / unit), increases automatically
depending on the garment ..
Food (Food): +5 points (duration: 12 hours, automatically starts at 07:00
or 19:00)
Drink (Drink): +5 points (duration: 12 hours, automatically starts at 01:00
The 13:00)
Cheap golf: +15 points (duration: 24 hours)
House (House): +30 points (duration: rental period or permanently
if bought ..)

Notes: Food or Drink, you can get them and immediately pressing:
Eat now or Drink now, but the time duration will be up to the time limits mentioned above, that may last less than 12 hours ..
Also, you must have at least a piece of cloth, so, to get the points of Food Drink

CAUTION: pays to buy products from Players (press "Country" and choose which country you want to see the product prices ..
and press "Currency" if you want to set the value in other currency than GRD)
and not from the countries or the game, because it is cheaper, see the following example:

Value Food in Greece (the price that sells the Country is 20 GRD)

Other Country (ie. the player in Bulgaria sells TO 5 GRD)


Whats affect the amount of your Social Level (Prestige):

a) Salary:
Since productivity is higher, you will receive a salary closer to full value for your work.
Conversely, if too low, will be low and the productivity
and will receive less pay.

Productivity = Prestige + Work Experience (Work Experience) by 2, see the following examples:

Prestige 100 and 100 "Work Experience" = productivity = 100% of total salary

Prestige 50 and 100 "Work Experience" productivity = 75% of total salary

Prestige 50 and 50 "Work Experience" productivity = 50% of total salary

b) Under attack:

When attacking the enemy or another player, the damage that would do is calculated with the following formula:

Force = (Prestige by 100) for (Hp + Cp + Ep) by 1000 on (Stamina) for (type Weapon + X)

PS. The value X is calculated based on the difference in level between Soldier and Leader.

If the Leader has a higher level than the Soldier,
X has a positive value (BONUS).
If the Leader has a lower level than the Soldier,
X has a negative value (MALUS).
Players have no Leader game as Leader, with level 1

c) Taxes:

You can get the taxes from the soldiers and workers, but the higher the social level (Prestige), the income will be higher.

eg Let's say that your referal will have to pay 10 € person:

If your social Level (Prestige) is 100, I pay a tax equal to 100% of the tax paid, so you receive 10 €.

If your social Level (Prestige) is 20, I pay a tax equal to 20% of the tax paid, so you receive 2 €.

d) Fee Battle:

After each battle you win, you will receive a fee from your country.
Each state has its own reward, but determined and based your Social Level (Prestige) you have.
Social Level (Prestige) 1 equals 1% bonus. eg if 100 get 100% of the fee is 20 if you take 20% of pay.
Click the icon (Prestige) to check the current status.

To activate any product that will increase your Social Level (Prestige) and offer you drinks, food and tickets golf, you should have at least one outfit.
To activate the home, raising the Social Level (Prestige), you first need to activate at least one object and use it.


The money in the game called "Golden Battle Euros".
This money can be used in many places (buying items directly) or can be converted into Gold (Gold), or any other currency.
The money can be invested through intermediaries (resellers), who give bonuses after investment (sometimes or certain quantities).
The privileges that give Affiliates, you can see in the table that appears in: Economy, Financials.
Each country has its own currency with its own value.
The exchange between the currencies of the countries achieved through Gold, which means that the currency you want to change is first converted to Gold and then in any other currency you want.
The change is automatic, but can also be done manually.
All currencies can be converted into gold and then in Euros.
All players can buy and sell Dollars for Gold. Offers can be found in the tab "Economy, Financials, Exchange Euro".

If the player wants to exchange Gold for another currency can make it to the tab "Economy, Financials, Exchange Gold and currency".
The exchange rates between the various currencies are shown in tab "Rates". If the change is between two currencies Xoron first currency
will change to gold and then gold will change to the desired currency. The calculation is done automatically by the game.
There is a limit to the amount that can be exchanged, which appears in the tab, but you can make multiple exchanges of the same coin. The rates are calculated after each transaction.

The investment is available through intermediaries (Resellers). The real money is sent to intermediaries (Resellers), and when they get the money
transfer them to the player's account of the "Golden Battle Euros". The Resellers are specific and reliable players.
There is a list of mediators (Resellers), among which a player can choose to make the investment. Each Reseller offers various bonuses after investment.
The money back guarantee is only allowed in Euros.

NOTE: The "Golden Battle Euros" are not really euros will be paid to the tax return money. The refund process is done by the managers.

Conversion to Euro:

Convert to Gold (Gold) or other currencies:

4. MENTORS and REFERAL (Assistantes)

Mentors (Mentor) have them REFERAL (Assistantes) in the game and who pay tax on their profits mentor them.
If a new player joins the affiliate link with another player, he will mentor the owner affiliate link.
Players who enroll affiliate link will not have mentor and do not pay taxes to the game.
Players can buy and own Referal, or participate in the auction Referals. After an auction, every player who entered without a mentor, you will automatically have one.
Each mentor can sell THE referal anytime.
A mentor can have many Referals he can Referal another player.
Auctions and markets for Referal tab is "Economy, Soldiers & Assistants".
If there is any continuous auction will be on the tab "Home".
Participants are Referals tab "Possessions, Soldiers & Assistants".
The invitation link is in the tab "Profile".
His mentor each player can see the tab "Profile".

NOTE: The Mentor (Mentor) takes a commission from work, change the bonus level (Level) THE referal of (Assistante), any transaction that will make the referal (Assistante),
but not from battles.

5. LEADER (Leader) AND SOLDIERS (Soldiers)

Another connection between the players are the links between Leaders (Leaders) and Soldiers (Soldiers).
Initially, no player has a Leader.
The Soldiers have to pay tax to their leaders. If a player has no Leader, pay taxes to the game.
A player can buy soldiers have no leaders in the auction soldiers.
A soldier can pay the money spent by the buyer (calculated automatically by the taxes paid) and may be gone by the Leader.
After that, it will be available again at auction.
A soldier can only have one leader. The leader may buy and sell soldiers.
A soldier can become leader and he may have many soldiers.
The sale and purchase of soldiers is on the tab "Economy, Soldiers & Assistants".
If there is any continuous auction will be on the tab "Home".
The Soldiers of one player are shown in tab "Possessions, Soldiers & Assistants".
The leader of each player appears on the tab "Profil".

NOTE: the LEADER (Leader) gets a commission from the work of the bonus level change (Level) THE referal of (Assistante),
any transaction that will make the referal (Assistante), but also of his fights.


This is one of the main parts of the game.
If you want to be a warrior must fight. Each battle takes place in real time.
The two parts of the battle is to attack and defense. Absolute back there. Only a part of the damage can be avoided.
At the top of the homepage, you can see your potential as a soldier:

Prestige (Social Level), Level (Level Player), Experience (Xp), Health (Hp), Armor (Cp), Energy (Ep) and Endurance (Stamina).

Initially, the player receives two guns low grade (Basic pistol low quality). You can buy different weapons on the market.

The level of HP (Life) is a ratio that determines the outcome of the battle, if it reaches zero, the soldier will be defeated. It also has an important role
in the damage calculation.
May be completed with consumption (War food).

The level of CP (Battle Points) adds extra protection when under the soldier attacked by an alien or from another player, as also act as first defense
which we must exterminate the attacker to affect the health of the opponent.
If a player is damaged, the level of CP (Battle Points) is first consumed without effect on HP (Life)
If the level of CP (Battle Points) is not enough to withstand all the damage, then HP (Life) begins to decrease.
The CP (Battle Points) also has an important role in the calculation of the damage done to the opponent. May be completed with consumption (War drinks).

The level of EP (Electricity) determines how many attacks can be made with the Electro-Magnetic weapons. The EP (Electricity) has an important role in the damage calculation.
Can be filled with PAFC (Phosphoric acid fuel cell).

The level Stamina shows the number of attacks you can do.
If you run out of Stamina (Endurance) you can not make other attacks and forced to surrender.
The Stamina fills automatically at a rate of 1 point every 20 minutes, or you can buy a package Endurance, before or during the battle,

Fighting the Golden Bug (Exercise),

where every time (most of the times ..) wins a pill stamina (there are 3 types with different amount of energy), which consume anytime at:
Possesions, Inventory, Specials, Stamina, pressing the button: Use now and watching over right (Stamina bonus +), point total stamina you earn ..

CAUTION: if someone has alien Physical defence (PD) greater than zero,

(here is PD 11)

This means that it takes more than one hit, but you spend so CP (Battle Points) (win at the end), so it is recommended not to battle with him.
The level of XP (experience points) increases after every battle won, and every time you complete a level, the player goes to the next level (Level) and automatically increases
the HP (Life), CP (Battle Points), EP (Electricity) and Stamina (Endurance), giving more benefit in future battles.
When increasing the level (Level) the player receives bonus money from the country.

Beverages (War drinks) and Food (War food) can be eaten during the battle, but can be purchased DURING THE battle.

The Armor (Armors) helps protect against physical attacks (lasts up to 200 hits..)
while the equipment (Equipments) helps protect against electro-magnetic attacks (lasts up to 20 strokes ..)
and can be bought from the market or be derived from the Companies.
The more Armor and Equipment has the player,
the more I can survive most attacks.
A player can fight against aliens or against other players.
The Battles and Wars, is the tab (Fights and Wars).

So, to know when you will be able to beat each level different, alien,
You should use Damage Calculator:



Fill in the following information each time ..
for example I have put the following:


Υour experience: you put your Xp points
Your grade: you are I
Leaders experience: the Xp of your Leader
HP, EP: yours...
PP: this are the Practice points, you will have it after level 7..now are 0
Weapon: you mark the Pistol (or other, if you use...)


Prestige items: you mark what of all that you have...


Alien: HP: the Hp of the alien you want to hit..
Defense: the PD of the alien you want to hit..
Trapnet: you put: No trapnet
Type of hit: you put Physical
(if you use Launcher, you put: Electromagnetical)
and after that show: Stamina required to kill alien with 1 shoot:
You can kill alien with 1 stamina or more

If you need more stamina, will show, examble:
You can kill alien with 3, 5, 8 stamina or more


Do not fight Aggressive aliens because needs two shoots and you loose CP
and that means less power.

Go to Profile, GUI, mark all squares exept the 1st, Logout and Login again

Fight only aliens NO Aggressive:


but if you loose Hp or Cp, then go to: Possessions, Invertory,
mark: Show only items that i have on stock
and choose: War food and press: Eat now and after choose: War drink
and press: Drink now...until you refil your Cp and Hp...
and fight only the alien Desert Hunter until level 5...
or the Golden Bug [Exercise], to collect White pills..
and do Training Battles, everyday...


a) Player vs. aliens (Player vs Alien)

There are many different levels Aliens (Level) (picking it with an equal or lesser level with your own) to win for sure.
The higher the level of the opponent, the greater the reward.
If the status of the opponent is aggressive (is Aggressive: YES), harass him and starts the battle, and if the condition is defensive (is Aggressive: NO), harass him and only defend.

The visible data of the ball-alien is: Level (Level), Hp (Life), PA (Physical attack), PD (Physical defence), EMA (Electro-magnetical attack), EMD (Electro-magnetical defence).
If you put your mouse over each alien will see the list of items you will get after the battle, and your win rate.
The town gives you a fee every time he nikate and you can fight or beat him alien many times ..

b) Player vs Player
Each player can fight battles against other players. Each country has the primary arena (one for each eppipedo), and to enter the arena will have to pay 0.10 euros.
When you enter the arena, you can choose to fight with another player or just waiting to cause someone and accept the challenge.
The three players with the most wins will receive revenue from the arena, as follows:

1st gets 50%
2nd gets 35%
3rd gets 15%

Players can choose which league will participate, but may be active only in an arena.
The player who wants to change the military rank should be into the arena and make wins ..


c) Raid

Raid is a kind of battle, where you fight against one of the three bosses alien, being a member in a group.
Heads they are stronger than any other alien and to defeat them must take part with a team-player combatants.
To join an existing group or create your own, you need a gun (the same as for other fights), at least 1 point Stamina (Endurance) and to be an active player.
To start a Raid (Raid), go to the tab "Fights & Wars / Raid" and select a leader from the list.

How it works?
There are (currently) 3 different heads in the game, "Evil Controller Of Procyon", "Hyperknight Of Vulcan" and "Celestial Sage Of Markab".
Each head moves (teleport) at a given time, only for active countries and has a lead time of recovery and can fight, only one group at a time.
When team members are ready and the team is within the lifetime of the attack, the group leader may start the battle. Each player will fight against the same alien head.
If a part fails, other members can still hit the enemy. The battle will continue, until the leader of the aliens killed or all members of the group have been killed.

Create your own group:

To create a new raid group, you must first select the alien from the list and click "Create team button ¨" (Creating a group).
Each group has a leader, a player that creates the team will become the leader of this group.
Group name and maximum number of members (from 2 to 10 members) is required. There are 3 different types, NORMAL, TURN and RANDOM
(Currently, only NORMAL is activated, the other types are under development, coming soon ...).

1. Threshold Level: You can not create a group against stronger or weaker alien from your own levels. You can select only foreigners are -10 or +10
difference in the level of your own.
Two. Limit Location: you can create a team only when the alien is in your current position, otherwise you have to wait for or you need to travel in the country is ..
Three. Time Limit: each alien has its own timeframe for recovery.

Join an existing group:
You can join an existing group raid, if you choose the alien and his team from the lists and click "Join team".

1. Threshold Level: team leader has chosen the difference in level for the integration of players, which can range from 2 to 10.
Two. Limit Location: you can join groups only from your current city.
Three. Time Limit: only between time duration (when green).


d) Practice,

With practice, a player wins "Pierce Points" (PP) which are useful to players fighting strong opponents or other players in the arena.
Each player can decide if it's worth to go into Practice (Practice) or not. Moreover, the total loss is made ??up of: Weapon, Armor Defense and PP.
To take part you need to have a weapon at least 1 Stamina and be level (Level) of 7 and over .. and all you have to do is to hit the target.
To start, go to the tab "Fights & Wars / Practice".
The Practice (Practice) only once a day, at any time, at any time, but if successful it must not wait until the next day (midnight).

Your results may be:

Missing shot (missed shot) missed the target and do not take "Pierce Points" (PP).
Injury (Injury): missed the target but during the course of the shot wounded and lost 5% - 10% of your health.
Serious injury (Serious injury) missed the target but in the course of firing seriously injured and lost 10% - 20% of your health.
Success shot (Winning Shot): reach the goal and received "Pierce Points" (PP).

Every time you hit the target increases the total "Pierce Points" (PP) and you can see the screen or in the player profile and calculated as follows:
When is the first day you receive 1 PP. After that, every day should be added to a +0.1. If you missed one day of practice, the following where Pp earn deducted from your total PP.
You have all day to take part in practical, example:

Day 1: Total = 0 day = +1
Day 2: Total = 1 day = +1.1
Day 3: Whole day = 2.1 = +1.2
Day 4: Total = next day = 3.3 +1.3
Day 5: Total = next day = 4.6 +1.4
Day 15: Total = next day = 23.1 +2.4
-------------------------------------------------- -----------
Missed days of Practice:

Day 15: Whole day = 23.1 = -2.4
Day 26: Whole day = 4.6 = -1.4
Day 27: Whole day = 3.3 = -1.3
Day 28: Whole day = 2.1 = -1.2
Day 29: Total = 1 day = -1.1
Day 30: Total = 0 day = -1

The odds vary depending on the weapon used:

WEAPON% Success Failure%%% Injury Serious Injury

Pistol 10 75 10 5

Rifle 15 70 10 5

Shotgun 20 65 10 5

Sniper 25 60 10 5

Launcher 30 55 10 5

There are three different species of Practice: The first is available to all players who have Level (Level) of 7 and more ..
the second level is 31 (grade G) and from the third level 56 (Grade C).

Depending on your weapon, you can choose between a natural or energy hit. No matter what you choose, the probability of success is no different, it totally depends on your weapon.
Ammunition your weapon shown in the bottom left corner, while HP (Life), Stamina (Endurance) and EP (Electricity) is in the upper right corner.
The current "Pierce Points" (PP), your next and the results of shots, shown in the left part of the screen. If you run out of Stamina (Endurance), you can download by clicking the Stamina (Endurance).
If you run out of EP (Electric Power) press the Reload EP.

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