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How to play "GOLDEN BATTLES" - (Instructions..) - (PART 2)
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7. Property (Possessions)

Going to: "Possessions", you can see what you possess of all kinds.
Some species obtained after several victorious battles against aliens who give you some items ..
The list of objects is in Possessions, "Inventory".
Some objects you can use whenever you want (war food, war drinks, weapons, armors, equipments), or you can sell them in the market to other players.
If you need an object, you can also put an offer on the market
The materials ("Materials"), ("Blueprints") and Machines ("Machines"), can be used to create new objects from the companies.


Players can buy or sell products and items in the market.
If you need an item or product, choose the "I want to buy" over the existing offerings.
Players can buy other players, Companies, Countries, though there is no available offers from players, then they can buy from the same Golden Battles.
If a player wants to sell something, choose the "I want to sell" and to see the offers available (can be sold faster that way).
A player can buy only region of the country where he is.
However, one can see the offers available in other regions or other countries, but if you want to buy or sell something, you have to travel there.
In order to sell the player, must be licensed, which may be purchased from amen market can be produced by a company.
The Market, located in the tab "Market".

9. TRAVELLING (Transportation)

The trips can be made with 3 different modes: Run, with market rent a vehicle (car or plane), or Teleportation (Teleport).
Running is free and healthy, but tiring and for every 10 km lost 1 point "Prestige".
The "Prestige" can replenish drinking Beverages ("Prestige drinks") TO THE "Invertory", because if the "Prestige" is low, the player will not be able to function effectively and will earn less money from work.
Cars can be rented to other players or the game itself and you can travel anywhere.
The cost is determined by the mileage will come. The player can have his own car (buying it on the market) or you can build in some company.
The airplanes used only between the capitals of the countries because it is faster.
The teleportation can be used at any time, is the most expensive way, but the quickest.
If used during a journey, the player immediately reach its destination.
During a journey, the player can not fight or work.
A Journey can be done by pressing the "Change Location", to top.

A trip can be done by pressing the "Change Location", Top of the page
after you choose where you want to go,

for ex. I am in Romania, in Bucharest and I want to go to Timisoara,

so, i choose with the arrow keys to my destination,
in list shows what will be the duration of the trip,
after i click the cheapest car (cars with yellow sign, means that this car has fewer kilometers remaining than is required for the trip, so it can not be used).
After, press Travel and top right of the page, it will show how long will I get .. (arrival time: ...)

10. WORK

Each player can work every day to work that exists in the country.
Usually there are 3 tasks and the player chooses what will work.
The salary depends on the quantity, derived from the social level (Prestige).
The lower the lower the quantity and therefore the salary will be lower.
The job lasts eight hours and during labor can not do battles or travel, so it is best to do the job before you leave from your computer.
You can find job offers in other regions or countries.
If a player wants to work in another region or country, you must travel to where the work is.
If the job is in another country, you must also submit an application for citizenship in this country and which will approve or reject the government.
The jobs available are in the tab "Economy, Jobs".


There are many countries (those with registered players ..).
Each player has the citizenship of the country of registration, but can change citizenship to any country he wants, whenever he decides and pays a tax.
The government of the country, we will ask for citizenship, will decide whether to accept the request or not.
If accepted, the player loses the citizenship they had made ??national of the country that received the request.
These countries also have laws, which establish their governments.
The taxes from the earnings of citizens paid their countries, which give remuneration or different bonuses.

These countries have a warehouse to store the goods or their objects.

These products or items can be traded in the market.
Ministers may be advisable to purchase or sell products and these proposals must be voted by a majority government.
Countries can also buy vehicles (car or plane) and to hire other players ..
The Prime Minister and ministers responsible for the economy of the country and if a country spends its money quickly,
then the economy will be seriously jeopardized and the country may at some point be unable to make any payments to players ..

All information for your country here:


Players can create a company producing items.
Companies are costing you money, you should choose the type of company and only one company in each category you create, for each player.
The name of the company must be four character which name will be the identification of the company, which will appear on multiple pages, eg the market.
Once a company produce a product that can be sold directly to the market.
For this it is necessary to have a company central office ("Headquarter"). By default, the company is headquartered in the capital.
You can open more offices of your company and in other cities pay.
The company may open jobs or make offers, to purchase, which is the central office.
For the manufacture of a product needs to have employees and therefore open jobs.
A company can open a lot of jobs and these jobs offer a workplace where another player or owner,
can work and help the company to produce the products. Also, there may be many jobs in a region.

For the production of products, companies need Schemes ("Blueprints"), Machines ("Machines") and materials ("Materials").
Some companies hardly need ("Blueprints"), is the case of steel companies.
Revenues of companies can be exported from the country, and the player can see what material can be produced in a specified region, tab "Economies, Cities".
Projects ("Blueprints"), Machines ("Machines") and materials ("Materials"), may be purchased from the market and can be produced in other companies.
Materials and links between them, are shown in tab of the products ("Products"), with their constituents ..
The materials necessary for the production of any article or product.
The basic materials ("Key materials") are special materials required for the manufacture of weapons, armor, equipment and clothing ("Weapons, Armors, Equipments and Clothes").
Players can only acquire basic materials ("Key materials") From the battles, but they can be bought and sold.
The equipment necessary for the production of objects and can be activated only one machine per object type.
The camera turns off whenever the company finalizes the production and just surpassed its limit, it can not be used and should be uninstalled manually.
After this process, a new machine can be installed in the company.
If the company has no resources, Projects ("Blueprints"), Machines ("Machines") and materials ("Materials"),
jobs are automatically disabled and the owner will receive a notice that will inform about it.
Plans ("Blueprints") are detailed drawings of items manufactured.
Since these plans ("Blueprints"), the player knows what materials are needed to make each product.
The company produces many products, as there are plans ("Blueprints") where it is.
For companies Iron needs a Plan ("Blueprint"), which is available automatically.
If there is one job, the first product to be built, would be readily available.
This means that the company has adequate materials, equipment, and has enough money to pay the salary of the employee,
(or if it is a steel companies, the area of ??the country where the company is located, has enough resources).
If we can produce more than one product, will be chosen randomly.
If the player does not want to produce a particular product, it can disable the Plan ("Blueprint") products.
Businesses can create tab "Possessions, Companies".

Companies have different costs depending on the type:

Companies "Raw Materials" (Row Material):

Iron and Steel: 1 euro
Wood and paper: 1 euro
Rubber and Rubber: 1 euro
Petrol and Oil: 1 euro
Hydrogen, Phosphorus and Phosphoric Acid: 1 euro
Meat and Skin: 1 Euro
Wheat, and Malt Flour: 1 euro
Fabrics, Yarns, Cotton, Metals: 1 euro

Companies "Finished goods" (Finished Products):

Periodicals (newspapers): 1 euro
Equipment: 3 euros
Food: 2 EUR
Beer: € 2
Clothing: 3 euros
Armor: 3 euros
Equipment: 3 euros
Weapons: 3 euros
Transportation: 2 EUR
Houses: 2 EUR
Companies Trade: 5 euro

Afoot to open a job paying 1 euro.
To switch on the desk of your company pays 1 euro.
Could pave the offices of your company in any City..

13. Elections

Every player who is level 7 or more and has, at least one company,
may stand for election as president (President) or Minister (Minister).
To be a candidate for election, must pay the amount fixed by the country, "Election Candidacy Fee".
The deadline for submission of applications starts on 1st of each month and ending on the 2nd day.
The elections are held every 3 months.
The candidate with the most votes will be the President (President).
The remaining candidates (up to 10), in order of votes, will be ministers (Minister).
All candidates need at least one vote to be elected.
The mandate of the new government begins on 4 every month.

14. Companies Shares

A company can have more than one shareholder.
If the owner decides to sell shares of his company, everyone will have the opportunity to buy shares, to become joint proprietors and share the profits of the company ..
You can see their shares at the tab "Share".
The procedure is done by: "Possessions, Shares, Company Shares".
The price of each share is calculated automatically.
Any business or company has 100 shares that can be sold.
Owner of the company is the shareholder who holds more shares.
If there is more than one, with the same percentage of shares, then the owner is the original owner.

All players can buy shares of companies.
The offerings available in the market, there are the "Economy, Shares" tab.
A player can buy shares in any country that has deals available.

15. Shares of "Golden Battles"

Each player is eligible to buy shares, and the "Golden Battles".
There are 1,000,000 shares available game.
These shares can be bought and sold, by the players.
The game gives dividend profit, every end of the month or when the amount is € 10.000.
This amount will be distributed among the shareholders of the game.
The more shares held by a player, the higher will be your income.
The procedure is done by: "Game, Shares".

16. Chat

In the game there are 2 Chat: Local (Local chat room), where is the chat of the country where you belong and International (International chat room).
In Local Chat, you can use the spoken language of the country, but in international chat, use only the English language.
You can send and private messages to other players.
Administrators are also present in the discussion, and players can ask that more information is needed ..
The chat tab is "Home".

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