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Event: Let the Battles continue!
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Weekend poster

Joined: 13/06/2012 14:40:39
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Location: Budapest

UPDATE: Second round of battles have ended, here are the winners:
1) Armenia vs. Turkey for city of Trabzon:


2) Ireland vs. United Kingdom for city of Belfast:


3) Netherlands vs. Germany for city of Dresden:


4) Romania vs. Hungary for city of Debrecen:


5) Moldova vs. Bulgaria for city of Ruse:


6) Hungary vs. Romania for city of Timisoara:


7) Kosovo vs. Spain for city of Zaragoza:


8 ) Ireland vs. Netherlands for city of Den Haag:


9) Turkey vs. Armenia for city of Artashat:


10) Moldova vs. Poland for city of Lublin:


11) Germany vs. Portugal for city of Braganca:


PAFF (Planetary Alien Fighting Force) is reporting that shots have been fired between soldiers, in various cities around the world.
This means that the more than 1 month old truce is now over, battles will start again.

Battles will be fought the same way as in the last Event: Let the Battles begin!

The following new features and options have been introduced:
  • Battle stamina pack:
    - refills stamina the same way as normal stamina packs, but only half of its price goes to Game Fund, other half increases Battle fund.
    - comes in 3 packs: LQ - 3 stamina; HQ - 5 stamina; TQ - 8 stamina.
    - price is in GOLD
  • Battle Fight bonus Fund:
    - President can set a one-time amount in national currency to be paid to the soldiers for hitting the walls
  • Motivation bonus:
    - Players who motivate a battle can get up to 50% damage bonus
    - Soldiers who fight in a motivated battle also get damage bonus
    - Formula: Battle damage = normal damage*((100+(SMQ/BF)*50+(((MQ-SMQ)/BF)*5)))/100)
    (MQ: Motivation Quantity SMQ: Self motivation quantity BF: Base Fund)
  • PvP and Defense ranks:
    - When enemy soldiers arrive to a square, the wall can't be hit anymore - enemy needs to be defeated in a Player vs. Player fight
    - PvP is the same as in the Arena
    - Damage defended in the battle PvPs are added and counted to the soldiers' Defense rank
  • View foreign battles:
    - Foreign battles can now be viewed and enjoyed without traveling there: just select one from the list and refresh the Map
  • Automatic battle prolongation:
    - Battles are automatically prolonged if at the end of the 24 hours one side doesn't have at least 60 squares
  • PvP decline penalty:
    - Soldiers who decline a PvP invitation (or time out) will have 10 minute penalty until they can go back to Battlefield
  • Leave Battlefield penalty:
    - Soldiers who leave the Battlefield will have 10 minute penalty until they can go back
  • Traveling to an occupied square:
    - In case a square is conquered and it has no neighboring squares, the soldier will be sent back to DMZ
  • Double PD and MD:
    - Armor PD has been doubled
    - Equipment MD has been doubled
  • Movement:
    - Neighboring squares are from now on: up, down, left, right
  • PvP invitation time:
    - Players invited to PvP have 20 seconds to accept
  • PvP hit start time:
    - Game now waits for the countdown of both players, only then can they push the hit button
  • Map location:
    - Player avatar is only displayed on a square if player has arrived

  • PAFF will reward the winning countries with 1 GOLD for every active player of the defeated country.

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    I come in peace
    Joined: 24/12/2013 00:54:13
    Messages: 85
    Location: Winterfell

    The event was very good, seems that wars will be fun and addictive.

    But the pvp fights are dificult to start because when a fighter is moving he is "invisible", you can only see where he start his movement but not where it goes or where it is. http://youtu.be/PKFkGoFqO5w

    Also in PvP fights, I think it could have some uncertainess, with some luck factor, for example like in practice pierce points if you have a probability (acording to some attribute) of miss your shoot. And maybe a new attack mode option "shoot covered", which increase the missing probability for players but decreases the damage too. Or maybe more diferent attack types with some vulnerabilites between each other like a "rock-paper-scissors" system, for example "accurate fire", "rapid fire" and "closed fire".

    For avoiding that the last half hour is so important in battle, a player killed 10 times could be "captured" with some % probability, and he will not be able to participate more in current battle until the 2 sides of war decide exchange prisioners.

    Would be good too for increase strategy options, that in some points of battle field would be a flag that increase damage of the controlling side. And another "comunications point" or "bridge point" that increase the players speed movement of squares, for example.

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