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New items proposal
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I come in peace

Joined: 20/05/2013 23:36:19
Messages: 89

Here are my ideas of new items that can be used as rewards on arena / raids / events.

Restoration Drug - Fully restores HP, CP, EP and stamina. Can be used in combat. If possible stamina is recharged only for fight duration, so item cannot be used as stamina capsule, but combat booster that maxes damage output and heal wounds - after fight stamina returns to level it was before drug was used.
Very powerful item, should be very rare (making it very costly). Full healing effect and maxed damage output can easly alter fight result. If dropped in raid it should be with like 1% drop chance.

Regeneration Drink - Allows player to slowly regenerate CP each 20 mins (in same time as stamina regenerates). After activated effect lasts 24 hours. Each tick restores some % of CP:
LQ - 1% / 20 min (72% after 24 hours)
HQ - 2% / 20 min (100% after 16h 40 min)
TQ - 5% / 20 min (100% after 6h 40 min)
It should be much cheaper than using war drinks, as effect doesnt work in combat.
It could be produced in drink companies - each grade would have its own version.
TQ version could be given as reward in raids / events / arenas.
Item can be used to negate penalties from new items described below.

Regeneration Food - Works same way as drink version, but restores HP instead.

Mobile battery charger - works same way as food / drink, but restores EP. Could be manufactured in weapon companies. Works for every energy weapon, and only out of combat.
Item makes using energy weapons much cheaper, however it doesnt replace regular ammunition. Each 20 mins effect will not regenerate enough EP for 1 shot:
launcher needs 60 per shot (sniper - 45), while LQ gives only 11 EP for level 15 player. Only TQ version barely manages to restore almost enough (55) - but it cannot be manufactured.
Possibly only rifle ammo could be made obsolete. But its energy attack is weaker than physical damage, and noone uses rifle for energy shots anyway, meaning rifle energy ammo is useless anyway.

Aim booster - special item that increases weapon PA and EA by some % at cost of losing CP. It allows attacking stronger aliens.
Effect lasts 1 hour. Item should be used with war drinks or regeneration drink for best effect, to neutralize damage done to CP.
LQ: 30% damage boost, 2% CP lost every 20 mins (effect stacking with regeneration drinks - to nullify effect HQ restoration drink should be used)
HQ: 40% damage boost, 1% CP lost every 20 mins (LQ restoration drink is enough to nullify effect)
TQ: 50% damage boost, no CP lost

Aim boosters cannot be manufactured by players - reward in events / raids / arenas.
Great item to use especially in PvP fights, but can also be used to fight stronger aliens with less stamina for those without PP trained.

Speed booster - special item that makes player attacks faster at cost of losing HP. It reduces time needed to next shot, also delivers damage faster, as its connected to this timer.
LQ: 30% speed boost, 2% HP lost every 20 mins (effect stacking with regeneration food - to nullify effect HQ restoration food should be used)
HQ: 40% speed boost, 1% HP lost every 20 mins (LQ restoration food is enough to nullify effect)
TQ: 50% speed boost, no HP lost

Same as aim boosters - they cannot be manufactured in player companies.
Great item for PvP, assuming PP will be balanced (ie capped to some percent of base weapon damage) and combat will never end after 1st hit.

• Current speed boosters should be renamed to engine booster, as speed booster suggests it makes player act faster, while item provides travel speed boost.
Those items boost travel time only, and are worth very little. Nice item to give to I grade aliens that currently drops nothing. In small countries those would be almost useless, but it can be exported to larger ones. In Indonesia or Russia it can be very useful to balance great distance to resource cities.

• [b]Blackhole engine booster /b] - improved version of engine boosters. It doesnt decrease travel time, but instead make destination closer using highly advanced alien travel technology. Because destination appear to be closer cars and airplanes uses less durability, also renting transport is cheaper. It can be activated on travel menu, and only 1 item can be selected to be used at once:
LQ - target is 25% closer - travel time, durability used and rental costs are reduced by 25%
HQ - target is 50% closer
TQ - target is 75% closer

This item makes traveling not only faster, but also cheaper, giving item some value. It is still worth less than teleport special item, which makes travel instant and completly free.
This one should be dropping instead of current 'speed boosters' in raids. Comparing to teleport item should be sellable, making raids something worth doing.

I come in peace
Joined: 24/12/2013 00:54:13
Messages: 85
Location: Winterfell

Well thought! It is highly probable in the near future new equipment that confers superhuman abilities. A bit more "science fiction" for game
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