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FREE company for beginners
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Should beginners receive a FREE company at registration?
Yes, but only beginners 0% [ 0 ]
Yes, but give one to old players, too 33% [ 6 ]
No, it is a bad idea 67% [ 12 ]
Maybe (and I will post my remark in a comment) 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 18
Author Message

Weekend poster

Joined: 13/06/2012 14:40:39
Messages: 288
Location: Budapest

Administration Team is planning to give every new player a free company to start with.
(old players could receive one, too)

It will be a new type of company, called Hunting consumables.
In the beginning it will produce only Alien Hunting licenses.
1 license will last 24 hours, production cost will be around 5 fight bonuses. The idea behind this license is to lead players to hunt for drops, too, not just fight bonus.

The free company will have in the beginning one free machine, 21 blueprints and enough paper for production of 21 licenses, But no money for wages.
Beginners will also receive 10 additional licenses, so in total the first 30 days of licenses would be guaranteed for them.

Before voting, please take the following point of views into consideration:
  • The free company would give additional playing options for the beginners, so that they don't get bored by fighting only aliens. This would increase the number of players who stick around and don't leave in the first days.
  • The company would initially not have money for wages, so player would have to invest a small part of his bonuses into the company, which could end up with him not having enough money for next weapon and set of clothing.
  • This type of company would not be quite suitable for making good profit, so beginners could draw the conclusion that companies are not a good business in this Game.
  • The will be more jobs, which is good for some countries, but could be a problem in other countries where the list is already saturated. Too many Hunting consumables jobs could cause wage wars, which would lead to price increase of other products. This could also cause over-supply of licenses, and under-supply of more needed products.
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    I come in peace

    Joined: 20/05/2013 23:36:19
    Messages: 89

    I dont like idea of 'hunting licences'. Its war with aliens and players need to make a paper to defend his country, sounds crazy.

    However here are also some economical issues:
    1) If everyone fight for drops, drops will become much less valuable, considering I grade players can hunt basically only for keymaterials, it will make keymaterials very cheap.

    2) Another side effect will be high unemployment. Most players will be reluctant to move 1000km away to hunt for drops, especially that capital guarantee to have a job, while other city usually lack workplaces.
    Those players will stay in capital. Because fighting will be made not profitable for them they will not buy clothes and weapons, they will just work. If too many people do that companies will not have demand for their products and will be forced to shutdown workplaces.

    3) Cascade effect - once both 1 and 2 points will happen it may happen keymaterials value drop so much that even hunting those aliens will not be worth - as it will not cover costs of licence and weapons plus prestige costs.

    *** edit ***

    I agree with 1 thing - I grade aliens needs fixing. There shoudnt be situation when alien drops nothing and its only alien to hunt for. Why not give I grade aliens in capital somethig players can sell?
    There was suggestion on some items, like engine boosters - which make traveling cheaper and faster. For small countries who dont really need any help with big distances aliens can drop also some other items.

    I also have sugested to make detectors usable service for I grade players - so when they decide to move they can just click and activate detector, paying price guardian have set.
    This way more aliens is available for I grade players, as currently using detectors gives no money to guardian, and some just dont do this. It could work same way as currently guardian service works. But instead of PMing guardian and hoping he is online, I grade player would be able to do spawning manually.

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    Is this the internet?

    Joined: 19/03/2014 12:04:06
    Messages: 6

    for me no, since this is not a free economy or free market, many new players will get ban for dump of market price and over price the value from allien drops, cause other do actions without knowing what will be the effect to the game.

    Is this the internet?

    Joined: 14/03/2013 13:03:36
    Messages: 5

    i dont want a race for huge wages , i pay alot of taxes now i think it's enough,

    I know how to post!

    Joined: 25/02/2013 20:06:44
    Messages: 152

    i know the admin Team want make something, that new Players want not fast quit.
    But i think that is not the right way, because many countries have to low worker.
    We have many countires with low Job and in other with low workers .

    More companies solved not the Problem. than is better give Players Bonus, when he invested here or so. Or make Events and in this can only a part for new Players!

    I like this, when adminteam ask the members! Very GOOD!


    Joined: 15/12/2013 14:39:08
    Messages: 20

    The problem is that this new feature will rise the cost for the beginners,at the cost of the weapons and the clothes they will add the hunting licenses and the maintenance of the company.
    I agree with all the reasons explained before for the players against it.
    I think a good idea to make that the beginners don't leave is that get incomes for the Badges granted to incentivate the constacy,and let them know.Another way could be that the countries get more income and with this way it can set higher bonus.
    The beginners makes accounts and after a month they discover that can get enought to buy clothes and weapons,and if they can,they don't find anyway to rise.
    Another idea could set countries companies managed from countries,and sell the product at the market only for users with a max level,at a minimun price (It could be the price of the cheapest company in the world),with this option,will be more employ and the countries will get the money necessary to pay the wages.

    Is this the internet?

    Joined: 13/08/2017 02:43:49
    Messages: 1

    I am a rogue in this game, it seems like I have to read a lot of tlisan on this forum

    Paket Pulau Seribu 3 Hari 2 Malam

    Is this the internet?

    Joined: 10/10/2018 11:51:23
    Messages: 1

    Thanks for sharing
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