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A Growing Concern.
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Is this the internet?

Joined: 17/12/2013 05:33:04
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Players are the Life Blood of this Game. The idea is to Transition New Players to Advanced Players, and the Hope is that some of these are Investors that Load.

Let us look at Great Britain, a Country I feel is very New Player Friendly. (While they could horde more Gold to increase the Strength of their Currency, I do applaud what they are actually accomplishing with their Economy in the vein of being New Player Friendly.)

Let us assume 50 Fights, a reasonable number. More fights obviously means more Profit... less fights means a harder time. I consider 50 a Reasonable Number that an Active Player can maintain.

In Great Britain the Fight Bonus is 2.6 GBP, the Work Bonus is 50 GBP, the Level Bonus is 5 GBP and the Average Worker gets 77.04 (before Country/Leader/Mentor Taxes) on Current Jobs at 100%.

At 45% (Prestige is merely a Percentage) these are 1.17 GBP, 22.5 GBP, 2.25 GBP and 25.91 GBP.

Let's look at a Day in London.

50 Fights is 58.5 GBP (130 GBP 100%) and 25.91 GBP (77.04 GBP) Work. This is 84.41 GBP (207.04 GBP).

Now, if you work Every Day you get a Work Bonus every 5 Days. This is 4.5 GBP (10 GBP). So 88.91 (217.04 GBP) Daily.

I won't do the Level Bonus, because (1) it is so small in the United Kingdom and (2) after 15 you really slow your Leveling.

Now, what are Costs? At 45 Prestige, not much. You have to pay for Clothing... 550 per Month / 30 Days = 18.34 Daily Cost. A Weapon every 4 Days is 67.5 Daily. This is 85.84 GBP Daily Cost versus 88.91 GBP Gains Daily. 3.07 GBP Daily.

Not much, but you CAN EXIST and grow.

Now, you've played for a bit and you still have say 2 Weeks until you have to Replace Clothing... save up 81.7631, it will do you WONDERS.

Food and Drink for Prestige are very reasonably priced in London (4.95 and 4.54), with the Golf Ticket at 22.2731 and the House at a wonderful 50. 81.7631 Daily, with the 85.84 = 167.6031 Daily Cost. Daily Gains? 217.04. 217.04 - 167.6031 = 49.4369 Daily Profit off of 100 Prestige.

The Difference is in Saving 92.1 GBP per Month as a New Player with 45 Prestige and 1,483.107 GBP per Month as a New-ish Player with 100 Prestige.

The great thing about London, is the New Player can get to 100 Prestige in a matter of 2 Weeks or less. This shows that London is a GREAT Starting City for New Players.

On the Flip Side is a place like Athens, Greece.

In Athens, they do not have Food or Drink for Prestige on the Market. So for a New Player that doesn't know who to contact, he must pay Game Price. Game Price is far to expensive to Profit with, so he does without, maxing at 90 Prestige. Look at the Market for Athens for Clothing and Weapons... there are none. There may be a Company for them, but they apparently Make to Order. If the New Player doesn't know who to Contact... he pays Game Price.

Monthly Game Price on Weapon/Clothing is 8,936.1503 GRD. Now, at 45 Prestige a New Player can only make 1,556 GRD a Month. Yes, this math doesn't add up to New Players being able to Sustain.

So New Players may pick Greece to Start, because they live there or because they believe Greece is good for business (Olive Exports, etc.) not knowing the game coming in. Maybe they just think Greece is a cool Country in real life. So they join, and if they do not find the Suppliers in Greece... they are doomed for a Death Sentence as they can not Sustain.

The long and short of it is this. Greece and Countries like Greece need Goods. They need Housing, they need Clothing, they need Weapons, and Drink/Food would be a Bonus. However, there are Import Taxes of 0.01 Gold or 10.69 GRD.

Greece needs to open up to Imports to get these Essentials in their Country for New Players to Sustain, until their own Citizens have the Currency to Convert to Euros and open more Companies to Produce more Essentials. They need to work with other Countries to bring in these Supplies, Countries that can Surplus (like the United Kingdom for instance) and Export to them.

Without a Global Economy there will be many Countries like Greece where New Players can not survive to become Advanced Veteran Players, and this will hurt the Game overall.

Is this the internet?

Joined: 18/07/2018 17:07:21
Messages: 1

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