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Guardian Runs
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Joined: 08/03/2013 03:06:43
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So talking with Karlonia (as we are the only H grade in UK at the moment) we decided that the best way to go at running Guardian is by setting the Guardianships for a few hours at a time during certain times of the day.

I'm hoping that Snajper will be on board to help our H grade advertise these (via country message) as guardian doubles the loot drop rates on all resource aliens (this bonus does not , I repeat DOES NOT affect Keymats) so it is utilized to the fullest extent possible by active UK'ers

A few things to figure out tho:

1) What city (outside London) is best for conducting these loot runs

2) What Times are ideal

3) Is the city (that we would want to run these in) able to support players coming there with adequate workspaces and (if need be) housing?

4) What level of tax is appropriate for a guardian? (currently my taxes are set on 0.001 for everything but Iron and 0.002 for Iron which ends up being ~10% of the current market value of the material)


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Joined: 20/05/2013 23:36:19
Messages: 89

Best cities for material hunting are those with most valuable materials, that is: latex, cotton, phosphorus and hydrogen cities - Bristol, Plymouth, Norwich, Liverpool.

1) Cities
Iron, oil, wood, grain and meat are very bad to hunt for - hunting for those even with guardian bonus gives way less income than keymaterial aliens. Iron can be debatable, its needed in very high amounts, but for now its price is too low for hunt to be profitable, good only to finish stamina before working.
Grain and meat are needed in so small amounts that makes it very cheap, also people have huge stock of them.
Skin can be profitable to hunt for later, but for now I think lots of people has as well huge reserves of it, making price for it low for now.

2) Times
I think most players are available at evenings - after 18.00 till midnight. But people need to use stamina also during day. Some smaller activations, ie for 1 hour every 3-4 hours could be useful.

3) Cities with workplaces are in Birmingham, Belfast, Aberdeen and Norwich. I think Snajper also plan to put some in Plymouth and Glasgow.
Currently Birmingham and Belfast are ones with most workplaces available.

4) Taxes. Those depends on material that is hunted for. Basically I think 25% of material value should be fair. Thats half of bonus loot received because of guardian (50-50 split).
For example: latex value = 0.0486 gold (7 gbp converted to gold) => tax = 0.012 gold
cotton value = 0.0243 gold (3.5 gbp converted to gold) => tax = 0.006 gold

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I come in peace

Joined: 20/05/2013 23:36:19
Messages: 89

I have finished guardian hunting test. Here are results:

1) With guardian services I gathered 17 latex in 30 fights. Thats 57% drop chance, quite impressive.
2) Without guardian I got 28 latex in 80 fights, which gives 35% drop chance.

I think best results can be gained with 2 I-grade people hunting + guardian. Also guardian can renew some aliens with detector special item. With some luck there will be new eggs - level 1 aliens. While guardian is active he can hunt for H grade aliens and gather keymaterials. Now there are nice selection of aliens for H grade players.
With that team in 2 days almost all level 1-3 aliens can be killed in selected city and workplaces are not neccessary. However it will work only with latex and maybe cotton. Other materials are just worth too little to cover costs of traveling and workplaces are neccessary. Also guardian will need more people for them to earn enough to cover time used for special item gathering.

I come in peace

Joined: 15/03/2013 19:35:51
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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas USA

I now have a headquarter open in Plymouth for the cotton/thread/textile company. I will need more cotton to be able to support full work sessions for making thread or textile, however; otherwise the workplace could only be used for harvesting cotton, which is quite expensive. I am currently hunting cotton in Plymouth, but at level 30 the drop rates are still rather low even with the guardian item activated.

Meanwhile from Aran's numbers it looks like I will need to increase guardian taxes on some materials -- currently I have everything set to 0.001 gold. I could use the gold income because currently I have less than 1 Euro, and I will need at least that much for next month's candidacy fee.
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