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A simple calculation of how companies work now to end some bad dicussions in game chat.
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Is this the internet?

Joined: 19/05/2017 19:41:39
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Location: Hanover, Germany

Calculating costs and profits to produce a grade I Pistol HQ to use for myself.

ST = Sales Tax

First I need:

5x Keymats = Don't sure but it should be something around 5x 13 ESP incl. ST = 65 ESP
20x Steel = 20x 22 ESP incl. ST (Cause I have to buy extern) = 220 ESP
2x Rubber = 2x 76 ESP (Minimum rounded up to next full ESP) + 2x 7,6 in ST = 152 ESP + 15,2 ESP ST = 167,2 ESP
1x Blueprint = (Game Inventory rounded up to next full ESP) 39 ESP
Weapon Machine = AQ / 500 = 0,24 ESP per Weapon = 0,24 ESP (Cause I just took over the company via shares so I did not bought the machine regular)

Now we have a cost of: 491,44 ESP
Wages & Tax for 1.0559 Weapon: 161,03 ESP Salary + 45,09 ESP Country Tax + 11.27 ESP Player Tax (For whatever) = 217,39 ESP

Overall Cost of producing that Weapon ~ = 491,44 ESP (Materials & Machine usage) + 217,39 ESP = 708,83 ESP

Till now we have the round-about-cost to produce 1x grade I pistol HQ. 708,83 ESP

Minimum sales price is: 918.1774 ESP so I round it up to 919 ESP + 91,9 ST (Paid by buyer).

If I buy the weapon for myself, the cost on the market would be 1010,9 ESP

Companies profit would be: 919 ESP - 708,83 ESP = 210,17 ESP

In Addition, my Rubber company also made some profit out of the production of one weapon cause I had to buy from this company.

Since it is my company I could withdraw full 919 ESP and have effectively only paid 91,9 ESP ST to buy this weapon.

Now ... How you can use that weapon to make "additional" money and how much? For sure you would end up with profit in your briefcase, depends on what you do with that weapon.

But there are still some big BUTs if everyone could make all and everything for herself / himself.

BUT 1: You are not having to buy anything from other players if you hunt all your needs on your own. Imagine "Newbies" like me. We are starting with hunting materials in hope to earn a bit, but if we couldn't sell these materials, how we should "survive" in the game? No wonder that are only a few new players getting in here or quitting a few days after joining. What sense does it make to "hunt" for something if we can't sell anything to earn our next equipment? Should we all INVEST first? Then it wouldn't be a Free-2-Play game like advertised, instead it would be a Pay-2-Play (or not-play-the-game) game.

BUT 2: There is no economy if all and everyone are selfsupplier. You pay Wage Taxes from time to time, Ok. You pay Sales Taxes from time to time, Ok. Economy is running on a "Supply & Demand" base. Only doing selfsupplying cause high demands from new players but no supply, for example for weapons which they can use to hunt materials, if there are no weapons to buy, the hunt is over very fast. Sure, anyone can ask producers to sell him something, but with which money they should buy if they can't sell their hunted results (materials) to companies (or players)?

BUT 3: Due to BUT 2, selfsuppliers are limiting their own profits by strongly limiting the supply of our "economy". One or two times a month you are "selling" a weapon to yourself (or other equipment), great. What if you could sell some more weapons (or something else) to new players?

After these three big BUTs:
- All you do is complaining about the fact, that the "economy" isn't working on a selfsupplier base any more.
- All you do is complaining about that the game becomes unprofitable.
- All you do is making it much, much more difficult for new players to get into the game. And this, only this, is the reason why the game is getting more and more unprofitable for all of us.
- All you do is complaining about the low game funds, but every "selfsupplier only" causes this a bit more, takes his part in this. Imagine a game full of "selfsuppliers only".

I hope you see now what should be done and why. If you still want to play on your own, you can always choose "Sim City" or something you can play alone.

PS: The attractiveness of the html-design of at least the intropage is another reason to keep new players away. So it is not all the fault of selfsuppliers.

Weekend poster

Joined: 13/06/2012 14:40:39
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Location: Budapest

ad BUT 1)
Countries set the bonuses in such a way that a newbie can make enough money to buy the next set of clothing and next weapons. Everything else is pure profit.

See some calculations here:

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